Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Maren's home! Eye exams.

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Maren is home from a great week at ALA in Chicago.
When Maren arrived in Chicago the day of their big parade/celebration for winning some hockey tournament thingy.  Here she is in front of some lion wearing a hockey helmet.  Full disclosure, I don't watch hockey...too much blood.  But I guess it was pretty cool.  Maren said she had a very nice conference, but is glad to be home.
Yesterday Preston and Lillie had their yearly eye exam.  Here we are goofing off in the waiting room before the appointment.  Ask Lillie or Preston about what happened after the may or may not include a mishap with a chocolate dipped ice-cream cone:)
Lillie having her eyes exam with my favorite eye doctor.  Both Lillie and Preston had very good reports and are lucky to have very good eyes.
This is my van filled with wood, because I've got a little project.  When you re-read my last sentence, you have to add in a little Edgar Martinez accent.  No, I'm not building a "bat-lamp", but I am using wood and tools to build a toy...stay tuned.

See you tomorrow.


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Ellen said...

Glad Maren got home okay. I had fun re-reading the sentence channeling Edgar Martinez...then we had to look for that commercial on YouTube - and we found it! Great commercial!