Monday, July 15, 2013

Go Rapids! Robin Hood, Coco, and Baldy...

Good morning, it is Monday.

Sometimes I start to write my blog and I think to myself that I am just writing the same thing over and over again.  So while I continue to write about soccer, archery, and bunnies I remind myself that the story continues to evolve and change.  Yesterday I was glancing through one of the books Maren put together of this blog from three years ago.  It was soccer and rebuilding the deck.  Phew, glad that deck project went well!
Preston's new soccer team played his last season's team in the highest bracket of the 2013 Nike Crossfire Challenge over the weekend.  Preston and his team played an absolutely fabulous game.  Arguably the best game I've seen in a very long time.  And the Rapids beat PacNW 3-2!  I'm hoping to get a copy of the game that Preston's friend Kevin's dad videoed so we can see the amazing 50 yard run where Preston ran through and around 5 guys to score the tying goal along with the rest of a well played game by both teams.  Yes, this picture is of Preston and Auntie Stef after the game.
Check out Hansen and his Robin Hood arrow!  Kids are not supposed to be this good at archery so soon after starting.  You can see here that he hit the back of an arrow that was in the bullseye of the target so perfectly that the second arrow split and stuck into the back of the first arrow.  Crazy.  They do make more expensive arrows (yes, archery can be very expensive...imagine that) that are narrower with different knocks that are designed to not have this happen.  Maybe his next set will be like that.  An old guy we were shooting with last week was joking with Hansen telling him that if he wanted his arrows to last longer, don't hit the bullseye.
Here is Lillie with Coco Chanel.  We try to let Coco out of her cage for an extended time each day.  Lillie will sit in the back and hang out with Coco for sometimes up to an hour at a time.  Coco runs around the back yard nibbling on weeds and sniffing around.  Once she flops on the ground we know it is time to try to get her back into her cage.  Not so easy!  Sometimes Coco even "thumps" the ground when she wants us to just let her be.  Here Lillie is petting Coco's ears down so she looks like an otter!

I don't have pictures from the pool yesterday with the cousins.  Jack and Avery now have their own tennis racquets!  Sure they look like 30 year old racquetball racquets, but they are perfect for whacking tennis balls.  Avery has her first loose tooth and I've been teasing her just a bit that I would be happy to pull it out for her.  And once out, I would pay her more for it than what she may actually get from the tooth fairy!  We will see how it goes, I think I've been getting a bit of a bad name here.  For clarification here:  I don't want to make the tooth loose...that would be mean.  I just pull it out when it is super duper loose.  The twins seem to be getting just a little help coming up with witty comebacks for my teasing.  Jack called me baldy!  Yeah...can you believe it?  Baldy?  OK, while accurate, ouch.  I had to remind him that I do have another nephew:)

See you tomorrow.


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