Sunday, July 21, 2013

Coyote Meadows

Good evening, it is Sunday.  Post number two.

Today was a ton of fun!  After church and a fun lunch with John and Carol, it was off to Susan and Mick's house for a BBQ and some golfing fun.  Golfing fun you say?  At a friend's house you say?  Yes!  Mick has a few acres dedicated to a very awesome golf course.  Not just a little backyard course mind you, but the complete package.  It comes with a scorecard and specific rules and regulations.  The course has wonderful hazards that are pieces of art.  Yes, literally art, as in wonderful sculptures that Mick has made pose as hazards on this creative layout.  And they all have wonderful names.  If I was thinking I would have taken pictures of all the art rather than all the people.  No and yes.  The people we got to hang out with are awesome and lots of fun was had by all.  And I can't forget to mention the food.  Excellent BBQ with all the trimmings.  Larry kept his reputation solidly in place as the best dessert maker on the planet with a few crazy good s'mores pizza pies!  Now for some pictures:
Hansen, Preston, myself, and Larry pose with the Coyote Meadows sign before our outing.
Preston chipping to one of the holes.  Mick has come up with a great hole out system for his golf course.  He has tires filled with water for holes.  You hole out when your ball hits the tire then comes to rest within a club length of the tire.  You can get bonus points (minus points as this is golf) for having your ball come to rest in the water if you are bold enough to try that route.  In this picture you can see one of the pieces of art.  I believe this piece is titled, "Wheel of Fortune"!
This is Mick.  Both the artist and architect of Coyote Meadows.  And a pretty decent golfer too.  Preston really enjoyed talking soccer with Mick.  Mick is a true soccer fan and knows of all the players from the different leagues and such as does Preston.
Larry getting ready to tee off.  The course is perfect because it only requires one club.  Who needs 14 clubs to enjoy golf?  Not me.  The longest hole is probably around 70 yards.  One of the most fun ideas of this course is the fact that while you have designated tee boxes, the actual hole you are playing to is decided by the golfer whose turn it is to choose the hole.  The layout is such that different hazards have very different characteristics depending the angle you are hitting.
Preston getting ready to play.  Yup, a lefty!  Just like Phil Mickelson, who won the British Open this morning.  I woke up and turned on the TV just in time to see Phil drain the putt on the 18th hole to seal the deal.  Wow, great tournament, congrats Phil Mickelson!
Julie getting ready for her tee shot.  Julie was the only girl daring enough to join us boys for golf.  She did great!  OK, not great...but she didn't suck too bad:)  Like always, Julie is tons of fun to hang out with.
Julie's boyfriend Kevin.  Kevin started off with a string of great shots to be sure.  Luckily my game came around and I was just able to eek out a win.  Lots of pressure when you're titled as "the ex golf professional".  I don't have pictures of Hansen or Jacob, but they were golfing too.
After dinner Lillie decided to take a shot at golf.  But in all fairness, Lillie was not too focused on golfing because:
Chickens!  Yup, the chicken coup is amazing.  And it is a good thing too, the name Coyote Meadows is not just a clever name, there are Coyote in these parts.  Thanks to Coco Chanel we are not looking at chicken this summer, but Lillie says she still would love to have chickens some day.  Hmm.
Jenga!  I did bring my Giant Jenga game, but it didn't get much use.  I think Maren and Judy were the lone Jenga players.  It's all good, I mean who needs Jenga when you have everything above?  Exactly.

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

How cool to have your own golf course...and chickens! We were glad to see Phil Mickelson win, too.