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Good morning, it is Monday.

A glimpse at our family calendar would tell you that this last weekend was the busiest of all the weekends in the summer.  But we made it...with lots of help.  And by skipping things.  I really just wish July had more weekends!  I love July.  I could live in July Seattle.  I don't think I ever want to vacation in July if it means leaving the PNW.  Winter months?  I'm OK with leaving.  Back to my blog.  I took Hansen to Bownanza, the biggest archery tournament of the year for our archery club!  Preston went to Oregon with his soccer team.  Lillie got to spend the weekend at Nana's house while parting at the lake with relatives for a graduation party.  Maren got to hold down the fort.  I would have loved to be in Oregon for the soccer, at the lake for the graduation party, at the pickleball tournament that I have played in for the last three years, or even hanging out at home.  But since you can't be at more than one place at a time, I got to have a great weekend at Bownanza with Hansen.  Picture time...and there may be a lot (they are not all archery, so don't give up hope...sadly no soccer though):
Bownanza!  Saturday we had 40 targets, Sunday 30.  This one was one of the most fun, and the most risky!  If you hit the apple cutout on the zombie's head, double points.  If you missed, you hit the metal surround and it was a broken arrow for sure!  Hansen hit the apple on day one, broke an arrow on day two.  You could hear the "ping" of the metal target follow by groans from all over course A.  It would have been great fun just to sit there and watch archers attempt the shot.
A close up look at this target, along with a pile of broken arrows.  And arrows aren't cheap mind you.  I took the bail out shot on day one and didn't shoot this target on day two due to breaking my bow.
This is a guy and his son we shot with both days.  And a spinning zombie target.  Most of the targets were 3D animal targets, but I liked the creative ones the most.  And the dinosaurs.  
Tons of folks for the award ceremony.  Plenty of folks camp here for the weekend, but we live close enough to come home each night.  There were so many door prizes!  Must have been giving away door prizes for an hour straight.  I won a hat!  Hansen won a hat, flashlight, and some dampeners for a bow.  Not to mention our prizes for awesome shooting.
Hansen is sitting if front of his bow.  Hanging on his bow is his first place medal.  And yes, he probably is texting his friends to tell them about his winnings.  Hansen did shoot very well this weekend scoring the best score of anyone in any of the 12-14 age categories.
My first place belt buckle!  I am embarrassed to have won this.  Why?  I am horrible.  I only won because I was the only entrant in a category no one wants to be in.  Long story short:  My recurve bow broke last week.  I tried Hansen's old bow.  It doesn't fit me and I can't stand all the sights and things to help make one good.  In frustration I took all the aids off the bow.  And ended up all alone in a category for folks with compound bows without any aids whatsoever.  On day two I broke the rest on Hansen's old bow.  Luckily when accepting my award, they made up a ridiculous score of like 7,750 for me.  In real life Hansen beat me by over 400 points when the max you can score was around 600.  Ouch.  Where's the golf course!?!

Next topic.  Lillie!  Lillie got to spend Friday through Sunday with Carol and John.  She wanted do some sewing, boating, and partying.  And she did!
Here Lillie is being flanked by Jack and Avery while being pulled behind Mel and Court's boat at Lake Tapps.  Go Lillie!  They were there for Rudy's graduation party.  Rudy is the son of one of Maren's cousins.  They always have a great time at Lake Tapps!
Check out Lillie's new dress!  From what I understand, Lillie made this dress herself over the weekend with Carol's help.  How cool is that?
Our art table now has Lillie's sewing machine all set up on it.  There is also a bag of fabric on the ground next to the table.  Who knows what Lillie's next project will be.
Saturday evening was the Seafair Torchlight Parade.  We were not home in time [from archery] to go there in person, so we watched on TV.  The TV station was running its twitter feed below as they sometimes do.  For fun I tweeted this little blurb, and sure enough we made it on TV!  Just having fun with social media.

Preston's team had a mixed tournament overall...some good and some bad.  They lost a couple of games, and won a couple of games.  They didn't get to move to the playoffs because only one team moved up, and it was one of the teams that beat them.  Preston reports that he made a couple of amazing goals in game three.  Preston will probably sleep till the afternoon today as he didn't get much sleep in Oregon due to his roommate being on concussion watch all Saturday night.  One of his teammates went down so hard (in game two) that he separated/sprained his shoulder and got a concussion.  Teams and doctors take concussions very seriously, his teammate/roommate spent some time in the hospital, then once released had to be woken up every two hours through out the night to make sure he was doing well.  Preston reports that his teammate is recovering nicely.

That's enough for one blog post.  See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

Wow, what a lot of stuff going on! Congrats on the archery, Lillie looks beautiful in her dress, and we're glad Preston's teammate is doing well.