Friday, June 21, 2013

With Ears So Funny.

Good morning, it is Friday.

It sure doesn't feel like a Friday to me.  My first full day of summer vacation feels a lot like a Tuesday.  I don't know why...I know it's strange, but there you have it.  Maybe it's the rain?  This morning I got up at my usual time and went running.  For the second day in a row.  In my quirky Slane way, I've avoided running because golf and running don't mesh well for my left knee.  With Hansen's new love of archery (wait till you see the lasts picture of today's post) I can see my golf time going down and my archery time going up.  Which is fine, I'm enjoying my archery time with Hansen.  But running and archery are about to take a huge back seat in today's blog because:
Yesterday after Maren got home from work, we took Lillie up to Maren's friend Teresa's house to pick up her summer (or beyond) buddy.  Meet Coco Chanel.  This is a sassy one year old bunny.  OK, I made the sassy part up, she is kind of a chunky mellow bunny if you ask me.
Lillie is enjoying Coco a lot.  Maybe too much.  Nah, just the right amount.
Hansen is even surprising fond of Coco.  Last night we purchased a new leash and harness.  Hansen and Lillie are already arguing about who gets to walk the bunny.  I guess walking a bunny is very exotic.  Who knew?  Here I've been thinking walking a bunny would just be weird.
Teresa lent us two cages.  An indoor cage and an outdoor cage.  Coco has been an outdoor bunny her whole life, but last night she was an indoor bunny.  The cats don't mind her and she fits nicely under the art table, so who knows, she may be an outdoor bunny again soon, or maybe an under the art table bunny.
The last picture.  The one I warned you about earlier.  Hansen's new bow.  It arrived in the mail yesterday.  Purchased off ebay, this bow is several years old, but in excellent condition.  While Hansen is a big kid, this bow was set up for someone even bigger, so we have some adjusting and setting up to do before Hansen uses it.  The seller said this bow was replaced by a newer bow at his house, it will certainly get a second life here at ours.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on the bunny and the bow. I've never seen anyone walking a bunny - how cool! Sounds like a nice summer vacation ahead.