Monday, June 24, 2013

Petting Zoo?

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend could be called soccer, the bunny, and the missing sight.  As in Preston played in his first tournament with his new team.  Coco Chanel has been getting settled.  And the sight for Hansen's new bow has yet to arrive.
I have traveled up to 60 acres playfeilds in Redmond yesterday and the day before for Preston's games.  Maren and Lillie came along on Saturday and the timing was perfect so we dropped Preston off at the field then got to visit with Maren's long time friend Shauna for a half an hour.  Then back to the game.  The beautiful weather of Saturday is gone.  Preston is up to the fields for a game this morning with a teammate in the pouring rain.  This tournament has found the team in a little over their heads playing a year up in a strong division.  I think the kids are still having fun.
This is Coco's petting zoo picture.  Everyone is happy to hang with Coco.
But walking a bunny?  Whateves.  Hansen has been having fun with Coco too.  As soon as the sight comes for his new bow, we will be spending some time at the archery range getting it all tuned and stuff.
The first night Coco spent the night indoors.  But we have found a much better place for her outside.  Under the tree-house she is nice and dry in her bigger cage.  This morning she is still perfectly dry and happy as the rest of the world is soaking wet.

Off to VBS.  Hansen and I are leaders of a group, and Lillie will be having fun as a kid in our group.

See you tomorrow.


Robert said...
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Anonymous said...

Coco is so cute!

Amber said...

That's a real petting zoo - Lillie must be so popular this summer! How is it that you happen to have a bunny just for the summer?