Monday, June 10, 2013


Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend I took Hansen to a grueling archery tournament.  This two day tournament was called a field day and we shot so many arrows.  Saturday we showed up for a 9:00am shotgun start, and didn't leave till after 5:00pm.  Sunday we showed up for a 9:00am shotgun start, and were home by 5:00pm.  Lots of shooting.  Lots of fun!  Hansen said, to quote a comic book collector on The Simpsons, "life well spent!"  This tournament attracted some of the best archers in the country!  And us:)
The first day we were paired up with Hansen's school friend and her dad.  She is the national champion in her age group and shot well enough to break a state record in Saturday's shoot.  Her dad is spotting Hansen's arrow in this picture.  He was awesome as well.  It was great to be paired with them (we owe them a big thanks for letting us shoot with them) and Hansen and I both learned a ton.
 This is Hansen and I shooting together on the second day.  I was in a different class than the rest as I am using a "traditional" bow.  Turns out my horrid shooting wasn't all bad as traditional shooters just don't have the accuracy...yes, it was:)
We had some very interesting stances and such.  Here Hansen has one foot on a stump.
The second day we were repaired.  We shot with these two.  Both amazing archers as well.  Both are just a year or two older than Preston, and yes, we have another national champion on the right.  I can't really express how amazingly accurate the great archers are.  Yes, they have amazing equipment that eclipses the value of my pick up truck.  And yes, Hansen now has a huge amount of equipment envy.  And again yes, less than one day after his first medal he is already posturing to acquire new equipment.  But truth is, these archers would be good with any equipment.  Whoa, almost slipped into lecture mode here:)  Back to yesterday.  Hansen and I never shot from over 50 yards.  Hansen due to his age, me due to my bow class.  Others were shooting from yardages up to 80 yards...and hitting "x's".
This may be my best target, and it was from pretty close range.  Experienced (nationally ranked) archers on the top and bottom right.  Hansen's target on the top left.  And my target on the bottom left.  Most targets I was searching around on the ground for at least one of my arrows.
While there were a few of the best archers in the country at this tournament, the depth of every division wasn't very deep.  Hansen and I both won medals!  I understand Hansen's medal, he shot very well, and improved the second day by quite a large number (we spent an hour tuning his bow sights after the first day).  But me?  There were 4 in my division and I'm guessing the two folks I beat just didn't turn in their scorecards?  I was horrible.  But perseverance pays off and I have no qualms about my score.  It is like golf in that way, you write you score, you turn it in, and it is exactly what it is.  I also won a Pheasant call in a blind raffle!  I will save it for a white elephant gift or something.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

A pheasant call! Congrats on the medals!

Amber said...

I had no idea archery was so big... these days, or in your neck of the woods, or... is it that big? Well, congrats on the medals and 2 full days well spent!