Wednesday, June 26, 2013


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

VBS is going great.  I'm in charge of a group of about 15 kids ranging in age from Preschool to 5th grade.  I'm also in charge of a few excellent teenagers (including Hansen) who are doing a great job helping.  Lillie is in my group and she is doing a great job going between helper and participant.
In the recreation room, we ran into Preston who is also a volunteer.  In this photo he is guiding a blindfolded Lillie with noodle jousting.  Hansen is in the background looking on.

Lillie is doing a great job pet sitting for Coco Chanel.  She has found that Coco prefers to hang out in the area behind her cage.  Of course, this takes concentration on Lillie's part as Coco can't just totally run free in our yard.
Coco just relaxing under the tree house, but not in her cage or the petting zoo.

How about the news of the last couple of days?  Voting rights voted down.  DOMA voted down.  Texas Senate filibuster.  Social media is an amazing thing...even if I occasionally get frustrated with people glued to their news feeds;)

See you tomorrow.

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