Thursday, June 13, 2013

In the Spotlight.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night I got to see Lillie in Unlucky Cinderella.  The big twist in this production is that Cinderella has big feet!  This was a delightfully humorous rendition of a classic Disney Production (does that sound like a true critic or what?)  Lillie was an evil stepsister, and she played her part with flair and precision.  Wow Lillie!
In this scene Lillie is telling poor Cinderella to go do her chores!  And falling down and being clumsy in the process.
Pictures afterwards.  Lillie is still in the spotlight on the right.  This is a stage full fun.  These kids had a wonderful time with this production.  Today they perform it for their school.

0 days until the carnival!  This is the sign up at Lillie's school as the countdown is upon us.  Tonight I will be volunteering as Lillie and friends are having a grand time.  Hansen will be there too with many of his old friends.  The GL carnival is always fun.

See you tomorrow.

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