Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hello June!

Good morning, it is June!

Last month of school and a little sunshine headed our way.  I love June!

May was also a fun month.  One thing I played around with all of May was a goatee.  Yup, I tried to grow one at the beginning of the month, but it was too itchy, so after a week and a half, I shaved it off.  Halfway through May I tried again, but this time with more TLC.  But after a couple of weeks, too itchy again!  So this morning I shaved it off.  I have a smooth and happy chin for the beginning of June.
This is what my goatee looked like.  Everyone seemed to like it just fine...everyone but me.  Besides, just like when you buy a new car (it's been too long!), you notice similar cars everywhere.  So was it that I noticed that everyone seems to have a goatee these days.  Not one to just follow the fashion of the day, I'm happy it is gone.  The kids probably wont even notice I shaved it off until they read this blog post.

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

Are your kids loyal blog readers? Sweet!

Julian Slane said...

I'm sure they just want to make sure I don't do wrong by them. Would I do that? I never would:)

Ellen said...

Yikes, a goatee! Happy June!

Susanna Powers said...

either way you look good! you should please yourself so if you feel happy with it off, that is better. have a great Sunday, love, susanna

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A Slane Fan said...

That's pretty rad yo