Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Cape Fear

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Yesterday was a day of days.  I used an EDL day to take the day off of work and meet Larry at Chambers Bay for a round of golf.  We seem to play Chambers Bay once per year whether we need to or not.  Everyone who is an avid golfer needs to.  The US Open will be here in just two years...and I know the course.  How cool is that?  Very cool, in case you wondered.
Larry and I in front of the Rolex clock.  We were scheduled to tee off at 10:30, but the place was we got to play earlier.  It was awesome (and kind of sad) that on the most beautiful day of the year (so far) that the course was empty.  We practically had the course to ourselves!  Summer rates kicked in this month, so there was some sticker shock.  But for us, it was worth every extra penny to have an empty course.  We took our time when we wanted to, and hurried along when we wanted to.  Perfect.  If I was the manager of this course, I'd be rethinking how to attract golfers, but I'm not.
 These two photos show how Chambers Bay really looks.  Cool names for each hole.  And lots of sand.  I think I was in more bunkers yesterday than in the last year combined!  Not joking.  I made a great sand save on one hole and a marshal actually came up and told me how nice the save was and how he very rarely ever sees a sand save on that hole.  It was a nice shot and putt for sure:)
 This is Larry trudging along hole number 8.  This is a high point with the rest of the course between us and the water.  There are just zero crummy views here.  We played the back 9 first, so this was our 17th hole. At first glance I was a bit disappointed to be playing the course reversed, but half way through the round I realized how much I liked it.  Sure, we didn't finish on the crazy 15-18 holes, but we still played them, and before we were totally wiped out.  And we got to finish on hole 9, one of my favorite par 3 holes I've played.  Let's see, finish on hole 18 (which I hate because it is just too hard to even be considered golf) or on hole 9 (which I love), playing in reverse is super!
 Larry took this picture of me on hole number 15, Lone Fir.  This hole is great.  And it is the sand save hole I mentioned earlier.  I hit my ball right over the flag into the back bunker.  The pin was back and I was really trying for a hole-in-one:)

After a beer with Larry, it was off to Hansen's preliminary track meet.  As in day one of the Conference meet.  All the prelims were yesterday, the finals and the field events are today.  Hansen ran a very good 100 dash, and was the only 7th grader in his heat (the rest 8th graders).  He will not be in the 100 final, finishing 13th in the entire league!  Awesome job!  He will be in the shuttle hurdles, the 4x100 relay, and the long jump today.  Cedar Heights has a great group of seventh graders this year.  It will be fun to watch them be successful at everything they try in the future.

See you tomorrow.


Room 202 said...

Hi Julian, beautiful blue sky, and your day sounds like so much fun. everybody needs to remember to treat themselves as one of the loved ones we're supposed to care for. love, susanna

Susanna Powers said...

hi again, I was not logged in as myself before. anyway, at first I thought you might have traveled to Wilmington NC, when you said Cape Fear! beautiful, love, susanna

Ellen said...

Glad you had a nice time - can't wait for the US Open at Chambers Bay!

Anonymous said...
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