Friday, June 07, 2013

Beast Mode

Good morning, it is Friday.

Hansen did very well in his final track meet.  I know he would have liked to do a little better as he started the year so hot, but he should be pleased.  Hansen injured his hip in the second week, and it just never got all the way better.  If I read correctly, Hansen was the 3rd fastest 7th grader in 100m, and the 4th best 7th grader in the long the whole Kent-Tahoma the league.  Hansen also anchored the shuttle relay race in the finals.  His team got beat handily, But Hansen was a beast on the hurdles.  I called it Beast Mode.  The hurdles he didn't go over, he went through:)
Hansen is in the outside lane (inside from this view) and the rest of the teams are just out of the picture.  The fun part of this meet is how much the other kids support their schools.  A couple of other schools had some amazing athletes for sure.  But Hansen's team was very young, next year just may be a great season for them.

Last night was Lillie's school's Science Fair.  Tons of Science Fair projects!
 All the kids at the bus stop had their projects in tow.
Lillie thought of and did the project all by herself.  Being the third kid, Lillie has seen her share of science projects.  And so have Maren and I.  I firmly believe that as long as you show that you can follow the scientific procedures, it just doesn't matter what you do.  Lillie did get to enjoy some extra soda for this experiment, so yay for her:)

This morning as we were getting ready for school, Lillie came accross her Student Of The Month letter!  Yay for Lillie! Student of the month for the month of May!  Congrats Lillie...enjoy your pizza party with the principal!

See you tomorrow.

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Bernice said...

The kids continue to excel. I wish I could read what was on Lillie's science project. It looks so interesting, and the boys just keep going. Congrats to all of them and to the parents who are so proud.

Enjoy your pizza party Lillie.