Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Band, Drama, and Banquets, Oh My!

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Last night was a night that we have been trying to figure out for some time.  Why?  Well, Lillie had her first night of her drama production of Unlucky Cinderella.  Hansen has his season ending track banquet.  Preston had his year end Spring Band Concert.  And I had a Church Council meeting.  I'd say we made it in style, especially the kids!
I took Hansen to his Track Banquet.  He was awarded participation and perfect attendance awards as well as a ribbon for his hurdle relay team's performance in the conference meet.  There was tons of food and friends.  Even an excellent slide show of the athletes.  Glad I was there.
 Maren took Lillie to her performance.  Whenever Maren is off on her own for a performance or such, I always request a picture for the blog.  She always protests saying she is not the best photographer, but she always does a fine job.  This picture may be blurry, but you can sure tell that Lillie and friends had a great time.  Lillie played the bride last night and did a super job by all accounts.  Tonight she plays a stepsister.  I get to go to tonight's performance.  John and Carol will be there as well.
Preston was able to drive himself to his band concert.  John and Carol also went to enjoy the evening.  I showed up after Hansen's track banquet, just in time to see Preston's band (the last to play) getting ready.  Perfect timing!  Yesterday Preston said he had the toughest math test of his life.  Luckily his U of W math class will be graded on a curve, and Preston is pretty good at math.  Today he has a district science test if I'm not mistaken.  And in case you wondered, I skipped the church meeting.

See you tomorrow.

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