Monday, June 17, 2013

A Fine Father's Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday we had a fine Father's Day.  The weather was fine and so was the company.  I received very nice cards from each of the kids, a dinner GC, and some cash too.  Of course, my golf round at Chambers Bay last week was my big gift.  I always enjoy getting to say hi to my dad on the phone as well.  For most of the day we hung out at the pool for a little BBQ fun.  I did my usual scare Jack half to death trick.  This time by jumping in the pool, snagging him from his grandma, and tossing him like a lightweight sack of potatoes over my head with a splash.  Ugh.  I have to remember that while he is quite rascally, he is kind of a sensitive little bean.  Avery seems to be my bigger fan these days...I call her Strawberry.  Lillie is getting too big for sack of potatoes games, and Hansen...yeah, no way.
We snagged our usual spot at the pool, way in the back where the weather is a bit cooler.  Preston and I left for a bit to go to Christian's graduation party.  I let Preston stay and when I got back...yup, Jack was just waiting to say "bye" to Preston.  Jack didn't seemed too bummed out as we texted Preston instead.
Hansen invited Gabi to join us.  This group spent plenty of time giggling about who knows what.
John with is new bicycle.  This Town and Country Cruiser will make bike rides a breeze.  Maybe not a breeze, but not a pain in the bum either.

See you tomorrow.

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