Thursday, May 02, 2013

Track, Musical, and a Party!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a track meet!  And Hansen had a great first ever jr. high track meet.  He tied for second in the 100.  Easily won the long jump.  Tied for second in the high jump.  And his 4x100 relay team finished second.  Great track meet Hansen!
This is my view of the kids warming up for their first track meet in the perfect weather.  John and Carol also came watch.  And Carol brought her good camera.  So there may be better pictures in the future.  They also attended Lillie's We Haz Jazz musical.  Lillie did a great job!  But no pictures from my phone camera.  There may be some on the way from Carol as well.  Unlike the beautiful setting of sitting in the sunshine, Lillie's performance was in a standing room only gym that was getting too warm by the second.  Truth told, I mostly listened from outside.  Grass Lake music teachers sure do a great job.  Lillie says that her actual Drama Club's performance coming up will be even better!

Speaking of John.  Happy Birthday!  I won't tell you his age, but if you know what year my sister Amber was born...

See you tomorrow.

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