Sunday, May 19, 2013


Good evening, it is Sunday.

I really should break this post into two days, but post it is.  We have had a couple of pretty fun days around here.  Bike ride, recital, birthday, skating, and even a little auto repair.  Lets get to some pictures:
 Saturday Hansen's school had their annual PE bike ride.  Hansen gets to choose between a 10 mile bike ride, 5K run, or a swim outside of school for PE credit.  He decided to do the bike ride.  We showed up just before the start.  We were in group 12 of 13.  Each group had from 10 to 15 riders.  Good turnout!
 Hansen getting ready to ride.  He rode my fast bike while I rode my commuter bike.
On the path Hansen was FAST!  He rode his 10 miles in just over 40 minutes.  I could barely keep up with him.  I did stop a couple times to help out those with bike issues.  I helped a flat tire and and gear issues.  Hansen kept riding.  The goal was to ride in about an hour.  No problem.
While I was at the bike ride with Hansen, Maren and Lillie got to go to Avery's dance recital!  How cute is Avery?  Also on Saturday the Kent Swim and Tennis Club opened for the season.  While the weather wasn't great, Lillie did get some swimming in!  Maren got to sit poolside and listen to great music.  Yay for the pool being open.  I took Hansen to a classmate's house for some bow repair.  His friend is a national champion archer and her dad is super competitive too.  It is fun to hear people who are good at their sport talk shop (I do miss that part of golf just a bit).  Hansen now has a new "D loop" on his bow as well as some good tips to shoot with more accuracy. 
Today was a skating party for Miles.  Here Lillie is getting ready for her age group's race.  Way to go Lillie!  I also raced in the old guys race.  Believe it or not, there were five of us 30 and overs.  I was second...not that anyone is keeping track.
Preston is in Victoria BC with his high school band.  But he would have loved to see these jerseys that their cousins are wearing.  These Barca jerseys were actually purchased in Barcelona!  And Messi is Preston's favorite player.  From the back, Alex looks so much like the Preston of a few years ago in this jersey.  I actually did a double take a couple of times.
On the old Mazda front...I did a little muffler repair.  Yes, my goal for this car has been to do all the work myself and save money (remember it is a 23 year old truck).  Well, the other day the exhaust pipe fell off due to rust where it connects with the muffler.  I was able to pick up a sleeve and some weld glue for about five dollars.   In just a half an hour this evening I was able to get it all to fit together perfectly!  Time for me to go...Lillie is itching for me to download an e-book to her Kindle, which she had placed hold on, and just came available for check out from the KCLS library.  This last sentence kind of makes my head spin.  We do have an amazing library system.  

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

I think if you do all the work yourself, it will be done better than a lot of places you could take it to! That last sentence is definitely amazing, especially since no one would have known what it meant a few years ago.

Bernice said...

Julian - you really lead a busy and active life - I get tired just reading everything you do - great that you fixed the car, good for you.
Avery is a very beautiful child, and your kids are something!
I think our library has the capability of ordering for the kindle. What a world we live in...........