Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lillie's New Old bike!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday, even though the weather wasn't great, we had the kind of day that we will probably have a bunch this summer.  I went on a short Bike ride with Lillie and me in the morning.  Archery range with Hansen noonish.  Then dinner at the pool.  And after that, staying up way to late watching soccer on TV.
This is Lillie and her new bike!  But this isn't just any new bike.  It is Maren's old bike, now handed down to Lillie.  I bought this bike for Maren back in 1990!  Same age as my pick up truck! Maren rode this back in college some, but really its been a once per year bike since then.  I'm sure Lillie will give this bike a few more good years.
Hansen is getting quite good at archery.  I'd say he simply keeps up with his equipment.  Every time he gets a better set up, tune up, or piece of equipment...his skill goes up too.  From this distance he is able to shoot through the limbs and hit a very small target consistently.
Me...not so much.  My equipment is not as accurately inherently...but my skill is not there either.  In fact, when aiming for a longer target that Hansen hit with precision, this is what happened:
Yup, that is my arrow stuck right into a little tree branch!  Awesome!  Awesomely horrible:)  But hey, I also couldn't find my key afterwards, so fun times at the range for sure.  Yes I found it, right next to the truck, after I retraced my steps around the whole archery range.

No pictures of the pool.  But we did have fun.  Lillie was the only one to get in the water from our family, but BBQ, tennis, and visiting with friends works too.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Lillie looks so cute with the bike! Glad you found your key.