Saturday, May 25, 2013

Got 99 Problems...

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend.  Kind of rainy and cold around here, but I'm sure we will still end up at the pool/golf course/archery range/SuperMall/thrift shop before it is over.
 I took a few minutes to try to teach Lillie a little about baseball the other day.  I started out by drawing a baseball diamond and explaining the game and such (black pen).  Lillie quickly interjected with her own commentary (blue pen).  You can see that Lillie was more interested in ball players being lonely, home runs on every pitch, and hanging out in the concession lines to buy corn dogs!  You can also tell immediately that spelling is not a big worry either.  lol.
 I like this T-shirt that Preston's math class had made.  The other side mentions Preston's teacher's class peeps.  This side is a spoof of a Jay-Z rap song.  "Got 99 problems, and they all in UW-PreCalc"  Of course, there are lots of spoofs on that song, but I like this one.  Preston really enjoys this math class.  
Maren and my matching Slurpees!  Yeah, Preston found out that Slurpees are on sale this weekend.  He took the littles out for a Slurpee adventure last night.  They even bought us oldies a Slurpee!  Yay for nice kids!

See you tomorrow.

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