Sunday, May 05, 2013

Find Your Beach.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Winding down from a great weekend, I just figured I would blog now rather than wait till morning. Saturday Lillie had a birthday/overnight at a friend's house, so we didn't see her that much.  Preston went to his girlfriend's house, so we didn't see him that much.  Hansen hung out with me, then I don't really know, so we didn't see him that much.  Not seeing the kids made it a great weekend?  That's not it at all, but it sounds good huh?  We just got back from Mel and Court's house after celebrating a fun birthday party for John.  It all adds up to a great weekend.  Pictures and even a video coming up:
I woke up early on Saturday and headed out to the driving range.  Sure, I would have enjoyed actually playing, but I didn't want to take up my day.  This is the view out my driver's side window as I pulled into Druids Glen.  We are looking over the ninth green at Mt. Rainier.  I hit the ball great, then was home by the time anyone woke up.
 After breakfast I took Hansen out to the archery place.  He is very good with his new bow!  I made out OK too as I have his old (which was actually kind of new) bow.  Hansen has an eye appointment tomorrow morning, with sharper eyesight I'm sure his shooting will get even better!
Once home from taking Lillie shopping for her friend's birthday gift, then to her party, I got to take Maren out to dinner.  Just the two of us.  How rare is that?  This picture reminds me of the Corona TV adds.  I found my beach.  Preston was using my van to hang with his girlfriend.  So in just one day I was able to do right by all my people.  I like that.
Today was John's birthday party at Mel and Court's house.  You know the party is good and the weather is nice when Courtney falls asleep in the lounge chair...with water fights going on all around.  No, I didn't soak her with this water soaker, it was just a set up.  But that didn't keep an errant water balloon from Lillie landing right on her.  Oops.  By the way, do you like my new Boston Red Sox cap?  I have my Grandpa's old hat, but this is the first one I have actually purchased for myself.

I don't usually embed videos in my blog (you may want to double click to see it in HD, and don't blame me for the suggested videos once done...who knew what the title "water fight" would recommend).  But this 19 second water-fight-duel from today is pretty fun.  It was supposed to be just Jack and me in a five pace duel, but you can see who is really on my side.  No one.  The end cracks me up, I mean...who wants to loose?  I'd say Preston ended up the most wet of anyone (although not in this video), but we all had fun.  Happy Birthday John!

See you tomorrow.