Saturday, May 04, 2013

Falcon's Last Game of the Season.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was Preston's last soccer game of this high school season.  For the seniors, it was a different story, for many of them this was their last soccer game.  Ever.  After the game there was lots of hanging around, goofing off, and parents taking pictures.
One senior who may have played his last game is our neighbor Christian.  He is a very good goalie.  As far as knowing the position, when to leave the box, and how to instinctively defend different scenarios, Christian may be the best goalie I have seen.  Besides being a great keeper, many days he was the one who gave Preston rides to games.  We have been neighbors since he was probably one year old. they were in their house when we moved in, a year before Preston was born.  While the team didn't have a great season, I would say that Christian most certainly did.  He think he will be going to Montana for college next year.
In this picture Preston (number 7) is getting ready to take a free kick.  This shot didn't go in, but it is safe to say that Preston can probably make a soccer career on his free kicks alone.  He is the best free kick kicker that I have ever seen.
Lillie and Ali (Christian's youngest sister) had fun at the game, but I don't think they watched a second of it.  Also with us was Maren, John, Carol, and Hansen.
 After the game it was informal picture time for the team.
Parents were jumping in and jumping out, taking pictures of just their kids and the group as a whole.  I figure when Preston is a senior, I will be doing the same thing.  Christian's mom is the one taking the pictures in this shot.

Enough about soccer.  Today is a very special day on its own:
May the fourth!  Happy Star Wars Day, and May the fourth be with you.

See you tomorrow.

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