Friday, May 31, 2013

A Sun Break!

Good morning, it is Friday.

I've been goofing off with my golf stuff of late.  Switching from heavy golf clubs to light golf clubs.  What?  Surprised I have both?  Neither are very new, but yeah.  I use my light clubs when my wrist is bothering me.  Then it feels better and I think I should switch to my heavy clubs.  Then my wrist hurts.  I'm back to light clubs, and hopefully smart enough to stick with the lightweights.  And I'm quirky enough to want all my clubs light, or all heavy, not just one or two.  Anyhow, there are some putters hanging around and sometimes the kids like to putt back and forth.
 Check out this trick.  Preston has two sets of two golf balls stacked on top of each other.  If I remember right, he hit the target with all four of these balls by hitting the top on one side, the bottom on the other, then the two remaining.  I do like golf tricks.
Preston's high school soccer team had their banquet the other night.  Preston is at a table with many of his friends.  He and Connor are in the background.  Lillie and Hansen reluctantly came to this celebration.  They were not as reluctant when it came to grabbing a whole plate of desserts:)
 Hansen's last track meet of the regular season was in the rain!  Lots of rain.  There were breaks, but the place never really dried out.  This is a picture of a small portion of the cinder track covered in puddles.  FUN!  Conference is next week and will be on a nice rubberized track.  And in the nice weather.
 A sun break!  Here the kids are getting ready for the 100 dash.  Funny think about this picture is that I have never even noticed those houses in the background when at a track meet in real life.  But in the picture they definitely stand out.
I took a panoramic photo while standing in the middle of the soaked bleachers.  This app is very cool because the pics are in a circle on the phone.  Stretching them out for printing looks strange, but here you go.

See you tomorrow.

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