Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Car!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

I'm up super early because in just 20 minutes I will be taking Preston to the high school for the band's trip to Victoria BC.  One of Preston's most favorite trips.  They will play in two parades, this year's theme is Devo.  I guess they have yellow haz-mat suits and Devo step style hats.

Last night was my school's carnival   While the weather wasn't great, the kids all had a good time. My kids included.  Preston came up for a few minutes with some of his friends.  Hansen was there with quite a few of his friends, many who attended CV last year.  Lillie also had a great time.  She found some friends to hang out with, but also found Hansen's group to be fun too.
 During the raffle, Lillie won a brand new car!  She enjoyed giving Preston a hard time about winning a new car...doh!
 Hansen and his girlfriend Gabi.  The rain was just an Oregon mist.  As in, it missed Oregon, hit us.  The jumpy toys in the background were totally in play...lots of soaking wet kids.
More friends!  The carnival is a screaming good deal.  $2.00 for a hotdog, chips, and a Soda.  I won a silent auction item...yup, golf.
 This is a fun picture.  This is our neighbor Connor's phone.  He made the mistake of leaving it at our house while the group of high schoolers were out goofing off.  Don't you like his new wallpaper?
And lastly, my bike on the ride to work yesterday.  Yesterday was Ride Your Bike To Work Day.  So I did.  Like I always do.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

How cool to go to Victoria for Devo!!! Love the phone wallpaper! Ha ha on the Oregon mist!

Anonymous said...

How long have Hansen and his girlfriend been together?