Friday, May 31, 2013

A Sun Break!

Good morning, it is Friday.

I've been goofing off with my golf stuff of late.  Switching from heavy golf clubs to light golf clubs.  What?  Surprised I have both?  Neither are very new, but yeah.  I use my light clubs when my wrist is bothering me.  Then it feels better and I think I should switch to my heavy clubs.  Then my wrist hurts.  I'm back to light clubs, and hopefully smart enough to stick with the lightweights.  And I'm quirky enough to want all my clubs light, or all heavy, not just one or two.  Anyhow, there are some putters hanging around and sometimes the kids like to putt back and forth.
 Check out this trick.  Preston has two sets of two golf balls stacked on top of each other.  If I remember right, he hit the target with all four of these balls by hitting the top on one side, the bottom on the other, then the two remaining.  I do like golf tricks.
Preston's high school soccer team had their banquet the other night.  Preston is at a table with many of his friends.  He and Connor are in the background.  Lillie and Hansen reluctantly came to this celebration.  They were not as reluctant when it came to grabbing a whole plate of desserts:)
 Hansen's last track meet of the regular season was in the rain!  Lots of rain.  There were breaks, but the place never really dried out.  This is a picture of a small portion of the cinder track covered in puddles.  FUN!  Conference is next week and will be on a nice rubberized track.  And in the nice weather.
 A sun break!  Here the kids are getting ready for the 100 dash.  Funny think about this picture is that I have never even noticed those houses in the background when at a track meet in real life.  But in the picture they definitely stand out.
I took a panoramic photo while standing in the middle of the soaked bleachers.  This app is very cool because the pics are in a circle on the phone.  Stretching them out for printing looks strange, but here you go.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Ice Cream Tacos

Good evening, it is Monday.

Happy Memorial Day!  Can't say I did much more than think about what Memorial Day means to our country, or think about those who gave their lives defending our freedoms, but in reality I guess that is what Memorial Day is about.  Thanks to social media I did see plenty of posts about Memorial Day and I happened to find out the year Memorial Day became an official holiday.  1971.  I'm thinking Maren will have an easy time remembering this factoid.

I did have a great day off.  I started the day at Elk Run GC for a round of golf with a bunch of old friends.  I even ran into a couple of folks I didn't expect to see but was really glad I did.  Even had I had played horribly (which I didn't) it would have been a great day just for seeing old friends; Daryl, Jay, Doug, Steve B., just to name a few.  While I didn't play horribly, no one was beating Joey's (um, it's Joe now, but I've know him since he was Joey) 65!  Yeah, he pretty much won all the skins, and all the cash.  Quite a bit of cash if I do say:)

Around dinner time we had Judy and Larry over for dinner.  I had the charcoal grill going even though it was raining.  We had a nice dinner, maybe I under-cooked the burgers just a tad?  Maybe I didn't remember to pick up lettuce and tomatoes?  Maybe I'm not really much of a cook?  But thankfully Larry's dessert came to the rescue.  Larry made us ice cream tacos!  ICE CREAM TACOS!  He started by asking us if we liked ice cream?  Yes.  How about peanuts?  Yes.  Gummy Bears?  Uh huh.  M&M's?  Yes and Yes.  Finally, tacos?  Huh...why do you ask?  I had better just show you a picture:
This is Judy wearing her Memorial Day sweater and having to hold off the joy of ice cream tacos a whole minute or so just so I could snap a cheesy picture!  My camera skills were creating a party foul, but this had to be documented.  And yes, this is the second take.  Thanks for the great dessert Larry!

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Lillie's New Old bike!

Good morning, it is Sunday.

Yesterday, even though the weather wasn't great, we had the kind of day that we will probably have a bunch this summer.  I went on a short Bike ride with Lillie and me in the morning.  Archery range with Hansen noonish.  Then dinner at the pool.  And after that, staying up way to late watching soccer on TV.
This is Lillie and her new bike!  But this isn't just any new bike.  It is Maren's old bike, now handed down to Lillie.  I bought this bike for Maren back in 1990!  Same age as my pick up truck! Maren rode this back in college some, but really its been a once per year bike since then.  I'm sure Lillie will give this bike a few more good years.
Hansen is getting quite good at archery.  I'd say he simply keeps up with his equipment.  Every time he gets a better set up, tune up, or piece of equipment...his skill goes up too.  From this distance he is able to shoot through the limbs and hit a very small target consistently.
Me...not so much.  My equipment is not as accurately inherently...but my skill is not there either.  In fact, when aiming for a longer target that Hansen hit with precision, this is what happened:
Yup, that is my arrow stuck right into a little tree branch!  Awesome!  Awesomely horrible:)  But hey, I also couldn't find my key afterwards, so fun times at the range for sure.  Yes I found it, right next to the truck, after I retraced my steps around the whole archery range.

No pictures of the pool.  But we did have fun.  Lillie was the only one to get in the water from our family, but BBQ, tennis, and visiting with friends works too.

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Got 99 Problems...

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekend.  Kind of rainy and cold around here, but I'm sure we will still end up at the pool/golf course/archery range/SuperMall/thrift shop before it is over.
 I took a few minutes to try to teach Lillie a little about baseball the other day.  I started out by drawing a baseball diamond and explaining the game and such (black pen).  Lillie quickly interjected with her own commentary (blue pen).  You can see that Lillie was more interested in ball players being lonely, home runs on every pitch, and hanging out in the concession lines to buy corn dogs!  You can also tell immediately that spelling is not a big worry either.  lol.
 I like this T-shirt that Preston's math class had made.  The other side mentions Preston's teacher's class peeps.  This side is a spoof of a Jay-Z rap song.  "Got 99 problems, and they all in UW-PreCalc"  Of course, there are lots of spoofs on that song, but I like this one.  Preston really enjoys this math class.  
Maren and my matching Slurpees!  Yeah, Preston found out that Slurpees are on sale this weekend.  He took the littles out for a Slurpee adventure last night.  They even bought us oldies a Slurpee!  Yay for nice kids!

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

When a Problem Comes Along...

Good morning, it is Wednesday.

Today is a late start for the kids' schools.  But not for me.  These days Lillie gets to come to work with me for an hour before catching her bus.  Lillie will get to help me do odd jobs, but most likely she will decide to read or draw.
 Preston got home from Victoria Monday evening.  His band was up there for the Victoria Days parade.  The theme this year was DEVO.  Here he is showing off his yellow DEVO suit and red DEVO hat.  And yes, they played Whip It.  Luckily it wasn't too hot as these suits were like a sauna I'm sure.  Sounds like it was another great trip!  I hope to go up there for his senior year trip, not as a chaperone mind you, as a parade goer.  I think the Clipper sounds good to me, and a different hotel:)  Maren asked Preston what the hotel thought when they saw three tour buses of high school kids unloading?  Preston answered perfectly, "I don't know, I was too busy being a high school kid!"
 At the skating party last weekend, Hansen won this Barrel of Monkeys!  I love these guys!  Barrel of toy ever invented.  Hansen didn't want to be in the picture, so I got creative.  That is he reflection in the TV holding the chain of monkeys in front of me.
After school on Monday I took Lillie to her friend's baseball game.  I guess one of the boys in her class stood up at lunch and invited everyone to come watch the game.  The game was very close to our house, so on the way to run some errand, we caught an inning.  Baseball in the sunshine, sounds great to me!  Also on the team were a couple kids from my school.  And we knew kids on the other team as well.  It was a fun time, but Lillie doesn't know her baseball.  I've got some teaching to do!  Lillie's classmates (two of them) play for the Rays...and they won this game!  This pitch turned into a RBI single.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 19, 2013


Good evening, it is Sunday.

I really should break this post into two days, but post it is.  We have had a couple of pretty fun days around here.  Bike ride, recital, birthday, skating, and even a little auto repair.  Lets get to some pictures:
 Saturday Hansen's school had their annual PE bike ride.  Hansen gets to choose between a 10 mile bike ride, 5K run, or a swim outside of school for PE credit.  He decided to do the bike ride.  We showed up just before the start.  We were in group 12 of 13.  Each group had from 10 to 15 riders.  Good turnout!
 Hansen getting ready to ride.  He rode my fast bike while I rode my commuter bike.
On the path Hansen was FAST!  He rode his 10 miles in just over 40 minutes.  I could barely keep up with him.  I did stop a couple times to help out those with bike issues.  I helped a flat tire and and gear issues.  Hansen kept riding.  The goal was to ride in about an hour.  No problem.
While I was at the bike ride with Hansen, Maren and Lillie got to go to Avery's dance recital!  How cute is Avery?  Also on Saturday the Kent Swim and Tennis Club opened for the season.  While the weather wasn't great, Lillie did get some swimming in!  Maren got to sit poolside and listen to great music.  Yay for the pool being open.  I took Hansen to a classmate's house for some bow repair.  His friend is a national champion archer and her dad is super competitive too.  It is fun to hear people who are good at their sport talk shop (I do miss that part of golf just a bit).  Hansen now has a new "D loop" on his bow as well as some good tips to shoot with more accuracy. 
Today was a skating party for Miles.  Here Lillie is getting ready for her age group's race.  Way to go Lillie!  I also raced in the old guys race.  Believe it or not, there were five of us 30 and overs.  I was second...not that anyone is keeping track.
Preston is in Victoria BC with his high school band.  But he would have loved to see these jerseys that their cousins are wearing.  These Barca jerseys were actually purchased in Barcelona!  And Messi is Preston's favorite player.  From the back, Alex looks so much like the Preston of a few years ago in this jersey.  I actually did a double take a couple of times.
On the old Mazda front...I did a little muffler repair.  Yes, my goal for this car has been to do all the work myself and save money (remember it is a 23 year old truck).  Well, the other day the exhaust pipe fell off due to rust where it connects with the muffler.  I was able to pick up a sleeve and some weld glue for about five dollars.   In just a half an hour this evening I was able to get it all to fit together perfectly!  Time for me to go...Lillie is itching for me to download an e-book to her Kindle, which she had placed hold on, and just came available for check out from the KCLS library.  This last sentence kind of makes my head spin.  We do have an amazing library system.  

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

A New Car!

Good morning, it is Saturday.

I'm up super early because in just 20 minutes I will be taking Preston to the high school for the band's trip to Victoria BC.  One of Preston's most favorite trips.  They will play in two parades, this year's theme is Devo.  I guess they have yellow haz-mat suits and Devo step style hats.

Last night was my school's carnival   While the weather wasn't great, the kids all had a good time. My kids included.  Preston came up for a few minutes with some of his friends.  Hansen was there with quite a few of his friends, many who attended CV last year.  Lillie also had a great time.  She found some friends to hang out with, but also found Hansen's group to be fun too.
 During the raffle, Lillie won a brand new car!  She enjoyed giving Preston a hard time about winning a new car...doh!
 Hansen and his girlfriend Gabi.  The rain was just an Oregon mist.  As in, it missed Oregon, hit us.  The jumpy toys in the background were totally in play...lots of soaking wet kids.
More friends!  The carnival is a screaming good deal.  $2.00 for a hotdog, chips, and a Soda.  I won a silent auction item...yup, golf.
 This is a fun picture.  This is our neighbor Connor's phone.  He made the mistake of leaving it at our house while the group of high schoolers were out goofing off.  Don't you like his new wallpaper?
And lastly, my bike on the ride to work yesterday.  Yesterday was Ride Your Bike To Work Day.  So I did.  Like I always do.  Yay!

See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 17, 2013

You're Crazy Bob!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Preston is off to take an AP test.  Earning college credits already!  Good luck Preston!

This week Preston's new soccer team started practicing as well.  He says he is having tons of fun with his new team.  He knows many of them from guesting with them and such.  This year is different for us as well, Preston has driven himself and a buddy to practice.  No more parent carpooling.  What to do with the extra time?  That's right, Hansen and Lillie don't drive just yet.
Just leaving for soccer, Preston is doing the bolt.  Yup, he has on his cool new Usain Bolt shorts and is getting ready to leave for soccer!  You're crazy Bob!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day. Picture of Grandma Bobby.

Good morning, it is Monday.

I hope you all had a Happy Mother's Day!  Maren got to start her day with breakfast in bed and a singing Snoopy Card.  Hardly awake kids and a bunch of messy hair.  Nope, no camera was allowed for that breakfast.  After church we headed over to John and Carol's house for a Mother's day BBQ.  Burgers, coleslaw, lemonade, and other yummy stuff.  Again, no pictures?  What is up with me...I'm getting too old for this job.  I also got to talk to my mom on the phone last night.  Sounds like she had a nice day too.

I do have this photo to post:
This is a photo that my aunt Susanna posted of my grandma, (Preston, Hansen, and Lillie's great grandma) Rosamond Mack Clark when she was about seven.  Susanna mentioned in her post how this picture has survived through both Hurricane Andrew and Katrina.  In my memories of my Grandma Bobby, she is a bit older than in this picture, but I can sure see her there.  I can't think of my Grandma Bobby without licking my front tooth.  Wacky huh?  Well, at a sleep over at her house (I was probably the same age as she is in the picture) Eric was chasing me through a pool area (it is possible that we were challenging grandkids), maybe the clubhouse, and I wasn't looking where I was running, and boom!  I ran into a swing set, chipping the corner off my front left tooth.  I think after that we settled down for some Almost Home cookies.  

See you tomorrow.

Friday, May 10, 2013

Track Meet Fancy Camera.

Good morning, it is Friday!

I have not taken very may pictures of late, but I did take some cool shots at Hansen's last track meet.  I brought my better camera (most of the time I use my phone these days) and took a bunch of pics from far away distances.  Then I cropped them on the computer.  I need practice with this technique as I don't know what size to make them or anything, but I figure for the blog it just doesn't matter.  I do have the full size shots of these on my computer.

Here is a photo from each of Hansen's events at his last track meet:
This is my favorite of the bunch.  I was able to stand (on the other side of the fence) right at the end of his lane for the 100.  This is just as they crossed the finish line.
Hansen in mid flight in the long jump.  This picture cracks me up because it just shows the jr. high track meets perfectly.  Lots of kids hanging out with friend, many not aware of the events around them.  This field has the long jump pit right next to the start/finish line which can add to the chaos.
Hansen easily clearing one of the starting heights in the high jump.  Hansen cracked me up in this event because they would call him over from the long jump pit or somewhere to come clear a he would just jog over to the high jump area and just not even stop.  He'd just continue jogging right up to the bar and jump!  Hansen didn't run the relay at the end of the event as his hip was bothering him.  I will take that picture another time.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, May 05, 2013

Find Your Beach.

Good evening, it is Sunday.

Winding down from a great weekend, I just figured I would blog now rather than wait till morning. Saturday Lillie had a birthday/overnight at a friend's house, so we didn't see her that much.  Preston went to his girlfriend's house, so we didn't see him that much.  Hansen hung out with me, then I don't really know, so we didn't see him that much.  Not seeing the kids made it a great weekend?  That's not it at all, but it sounds good huh?  We just got back from Mel and Court's house after celebrating a fun birthday party for John.  It all adds up to a great weekend.  Pictures and even a video coming up:
I woke up early on Saturday and headed out to the driving range.  Sure, I would have enjoyed actually playing, but I didn't want to take up my day.  This is the view out my driver's side window as I pulled into Druids Glen.  We are looking over the ninth green at Mt. Rainier.  I hit the ball great, then was home by the time anyone woke up.
 After breakfast I took Hansen out to the archery place.  He is very good with his new bow!  I made out OK too as I have his old (which was actually kind of new) bow.  Hansen has an eye appointment tomorrow morning, with sharper eyesight I'm sure his shooting will get even better!
Once home from taking Lillie shopping for her friend's birthday gift, then to her party, I got to take Maren out to dinner.  Just the two of us.  How rare is that?  This picture reminds me of the Corona TV adds.  I found my beach.  Preston was using my van to hang with his girlfriend.  So in just one day I was able to do right by all my people.  I like that.
Today was John's birthday party at Mel and Court's house.  You know the party is good and the weather is nice when Courtney falls asleep in the lounge chair...with water fights going on all around.  No, I didn't soak her with this water soaker, it was just a set up.  But that didn't keep an errant water balloon from Lillie landing right on her.  Oops.  By the way, do you like my new Boston Red Sox cap?  I have my Grandpa's old hat, but this is the first one I have actually purchased for myself.

I don't usually embed videos in my blog (you may want to double click to see it in HD, and don't blame me for the suggested videos once done...who knew what the title "water fight" would recommend).  But this 19 second water-fight-duel from today is pretty fun.  It was supposed to be just Jack and me in a five pace duel, but you can see who is really on my side.  No one.  The end cracks me up, I mean...who wants to loose?  I'd say Preston ended up the most wet of anyone (although not in this video), but we all had fun.  Happy Birthday John!

See you tomorrow.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Falcon's Last Game of the Season.

Good morning, it is Saturday.

Last night was Preston's last soccer game of this high school season.  For the seniors, it was a different story, for many of them this was their last soccer game.  Ever.  After the game there was lots of hanging around, goofing off, and parents taking pictures.
One senior who may have played his last game is our neighbor Christian.  He is a very good goalie.  As far as knowing the position, when to leave the box, and how to instinctively defend different scenarios, Christian may be the best goalie I have seen.  Besides being a great keeper, many days he was the one who gave Preston rides to games.  We have been neighbors since he was probably one year old. they were in their house when we moved in, a year before Preston was born.  While the team didn't have a great season, I would say that Christian most certainly did.  He think he will be going to Montana for college next year.
In this picture Preston (number 7) is getting ready to take a free kick.  This shot didn't go in, but it is safe to say that Preston can probably make a soccer career on his free kicks alone.  He is the best free kick kicker that I have ever seen.
Lillie and Ali (Christian's youngest sister) had fun at the game, but I don't think they watched a second of it.  Also with us was Maren, John, Carol, and Hansen.
 After the game it was informal picture time for the team.
Parents were jumping in and jumping out, taking pictures of just their kids and the group as a whole.  I figure when Preston is a senior, I will be doing the same thing.  Christian's mom is the one taking the pictures in this shot.

Enough about soccer.  Today is a very special day on its own:
May the fourth!  Happy Star Wars Day, and May the fourth be with you.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, May 02, 2013

Is it Fryday yet?

Good evening, it is Thursday.

Just as mentioned in this morning's blog, Carol did get a couple of pictures of the littles doing their thing last evening.
 This is Hansen soaring over 17 feet!  It looks like the guy sitting in the chair is about to be taken out!  Nah, he is just recording all the distances.
And Lillie on stage "Jazzin' it up" in her school's musical.

Here is a picture of dinner cooking this evening:
That's right, even though today is Thursday, this evening was "Fryday".  You see what I did there?  Yup.  Tomorrow (the real Friday) Preston has his last high school soccer match of season.  Of course, his club team should be starting up again very soon.

See you tomorrow.

Track, Musical, and a Party!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Yesterday was a beautiful day for a track meet!  And Hansen had a great first ever jr. high track meet.  He tied for second in the 100.  Easily won the long jump.  Tied for second in the high jump.  And his 4x100 relay team finished second.  Great track meet Hansen!
This is my view of the kids warming up for their first track meet in the perfect weather.  John and Carol also came watch.  And Carol brought her good camera.  So there may be better pictures in the future.  They also attended Lillie's We Haz Jazz musical.  Lillie did a great job!  But no pictures from my phone camera.  There may be some on the way from Carol as well.  Unlike the beautiful setting of sitting in the sunshine, Lillie's performance was in a standing room only gym that was getting too warm by the second.  Truth told, I mostly listened from outside.  Grass Lake music teachers sure do a great job.  Lillie says that her actual Drama Club's performance coming up will be even better!

Speaking of John.  Happy Birthday!  I won't tell you his age, but if you know what year my sister Amber was born...

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013


Good morning, it is Wednesday.

The PNW is in for a beautiful week of weather.  Sure, if you're from Florida or Texas it may feel a bit cold at 60 degrees, but they say we may hit 77 on Sunday (with rain on Monday).  Too hot to even move!  Of course, these beautiful days in the spring start off very cold.
Yup, Preston had to scrape ice off the windshield this morning.  I've tried to teach him to scrape everywhere the windshield wiper would hit...I guess this is close?  Luckily with the defrost on, the ice will be gone quickly.

Hansen has his first Jr. High track meet this afternoon and Lillie has a school musical.  The sun will be out, but I'm bringing the warm jacket just to be sure.

See you tomorrow.

P.S.  Yes, I know the title says "scrapped" when it should say "scraped".  I know this because Maren recommended I shop for an "ABC speller" app for my phone.  And I did!  And it is so cool. I can find the right spelling, the definition of a word, and even have it pronounced for me!  Finally an app for my phone that actually makes it "smart".