Saturday, April 06, 2013


Good morning, it is Saturday.

Spring break has officially begun!  The boys are still hours away from waking up and Lillie is at an overnight with a friend.  I'm having coffee and cinnamon toast while Maren is relaxing too.  Not a bad start to spring break!  My next chore is to find a place for the kids and I to go on Thursday/ Friday.  We had all these great plans with Maren's cousins for going to Ocean Shores with them for spring break...but their spring break was last week.  Darn!

To kick off Spring Break, Preston's soccer team had a night the pouring rain.  Not so spring like.
 John and Carol came out to cheer on Preston and the team!  This was one of the dryer moments...not dry at all.  They left at half time as did most of the spectators.  The game turned out to be a great game.  KL beat KM 3-2.
 You just can't see the rain very much with a camera phone, but it was coming down.  Here Preston is returning to the field after retrieving a ball for a throw in.

See you tomorrow.

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