Wednesday, April 03, 2013


Good evening, it is Wednesday.

The days are counting down to Spring Break!  All day I have thought it was Thursday, but nope...tomorrow is Thursday.  Guess I get two Thursdays this week.  Better than two Mondays!

The end of the week is the end of the quarter for the kids.  Preston has been studying while Lillie and Hansen kind of pretend they are studying.  Getting Lillie to practice her spelling is like pulling teeth!  After wearing out her mom, she came to me for help.  Then I got an idea...and awful idea.  I (not the Grinch) got a wonderful, awful idea...spelling and rollerblading at the same:
I walked around the island asking her spelling words and she spelled them (or should I say misspelled them) while rollering around.  It seems to be that Preston and Maren are amazing spellers, while Hansen, Lillie and myself...not so much.  Some days on these blogs I am so far off that the spellchecker can't even help me, I then go straight to Maren or Preston.

Check out this pink and red flower growing on a tree in our front yard.  Yay for spring:
Maren told me what kind of flower this is, but I totally forgot.  (a few minutes pass)  I just checked again with Maren, she says it is a Camellia.  Of course Hansen just overheard this discussion and said, "wait, wait, wait, wait...are you telling me a chameleon is a kind of flower?"  Nope.  Sometimes I do feel bad for Maren being surrounded by so many Slanes:)

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

I thought it looked like a camillia ... haha forgot how to spell that! love, sp

Ellen said...

I wouldn't worry too much about the the kids inheriting your spelling. The kids are so lucky to have your example of a wonderful father and son.