Sunday, April 21, 2013

Crappy Paint is my middle name.

Good morning, it is Sunday.

I kind of want to go on and on about things in the news of late.  About Boston.  About how small the world is.  How Maren has a friend who's daughter lost a leg, and [the daughter's] husband was seriously injured in the Boston bombings.  About how amazing some of the stories are.  Other topics too.  How our congress can't/refuses to pass background checks for guns.  Background checks wouldn't even be nearly enough, it is a pathetic little amount of what should be done.  And they still don't.  Yet the same congress makes it impossible for many of its citizens to vote or marry.  AARG!  On to a couple of pictures:
 Here is a picture of my newly (newly sounds funny, but better than freshly?) painted bicycle.  If you knew my bike before, it was basically a homage to Lance Armstrong, all black and yellow with LiveSTRONG stickers all over it.  I kind of did a good job here, and I kind of didn't.  I did take it all apart, sand down the frame, put primer on it, then completely over sprayed the white.  There are some runs and cracks in the paint and I should have redone it, but crappy paint is my middle name, so there you go.  I like it.
 And our freshly (freshly sounds funny, but better than newly?) painted house.  The yellow is an antique yellow.  We also had the vertical white trim done, and the trim around the door.  The painter we hired, we hired because he was doing 3 other houses in our culdesac, and gave us all a great price.  The guy may be the best painter in the world, but he put his schedule over the house's and rain hit after day two.  He had to repaint the chimney and the gutters, and there will probably still be a little paint flaking come summer time.  So yeah, we paid for a cheap paint job, and we got a cheap paint job.  It is still way better than I could have done.
 Finally, away from politics and things.  Back to our people.  Maren had to work all day yesterday, Hansen was out with his youth group, and Preston was off with his friends   So I took Lillie out to the local mall for some fun.  She wanted a pair of glasses with an attached mustache.  This is not the pair she chose.  She now has a pink pair with a pink mustache.  I will have to take a series of pictures of her...she says, "glasses low, it's a beard...glasses regular, a mustache...glasses high, a uni-brow!"   
Preston after one of his high school soccer games.  Preston is on the right with his good friend Nick on the left.  These two used to play on the same club team, and have been great friends for years.  It is kind of a small circle of high level soccerballers, and one of the coolest things about high school soccer is getting to see your old friends who now go to different schools.  Preston's team will not make the playoffs this season, but I'd venture to say that he has enjoyed this season more than last year.  It's all about friends.

I don't have a picture to share of Hansen today.  Middle school track started for him last week.  I'm looking forward to his first track meet.  Middle school track meets may be my favorite age of track meet to watch.  Not crazy long, not crazy competitive, but still a real track meet.

See you tomorrow.

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