Friday, April 12, 2013

An Ocean Breeze.

Good evening, it is Friday evening.

This evening brings the end of Spring Break!  It is fitting that it is raining...aarg.  I took the kids to Ocean Shores Thursday, we stayed one night, then came back today.  Maren had to work, so she got to stay home...and have the place to herself!  It is good that I was gone with the kids because the guy who is painting our house decided that it was dry enough to start painting.  I would have been freaking out, so it is good that I was gone.  I'd say that everything he painted Thursday is just fine.  But it started to rain today and there may be some issues with what he painted some gutters dripping paint and such.  Ugh!  I'm hopeful that once things dry out he will be back to finish and the house and it will look great.  The yellow is a bit different, maybe a bit muted.  It will look just fine I'm sure.  Back to our mini vacation.  Here are some pictures:
 The sun was shining on Thursday so we started on the beach.  Lillie and Preston took off for the water while Hansen and I hung back just a bit.
 I have always done a donut or two at the beach [on the way out of town] when the area was empty.  It was totally deserted, so I may or may not have let Preston give it a try.  After posting this picture of the van next to some donut marks on FB, a friend mentioned how this is illegal and the ocean police are really cracking down...calling this reckless driving!  No one wants a reckless driving ticket! 
 Check it out...a picture of me!  Preston is hanging out in the background.
 Lillie wasn't really prepared for how cold it really is on the beach.  The wind chill has got to make it feel like 40 degrees!  Preston says running in the ocean is great, once you loose all feeling in your feet and legs due to the freezing cold weather.  This morning there were lots of folks out clam digging.  Preston and Hansen even had friends [who are also siblings] that were there for the clams.  We decided to sleep through the clamming excitement.  Not that I don't love a good clam bake. 
 I didn't buy this sign from a tourist store...but I like the message.
 Dugan's pizza!  We Slanes do love our pizza.  I think we have had dinner at Dugan's every time we have ever been at Ocean Shores.
 And we can't forget the gift shop.  The gift shop?  Nearly all the shops are gift shops.  But there is one next to the two dollar store that we have been too a few times.  Preston and Lillie picked up cute little turtles and Hansen got a rock.  But not just any rock.  A Sand Rose.
The Days Inn.  Yup, this is where we stayed.  It was just fine.  Small room, small pool, small breakfast.  Everything anyone would need.  And the price was right.  Of course, other than a little angsting about the house paint, it is great to be home!

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Sounds like a nice little mini vacation! Looking forward to seeing some pix of the house painting - sounds like it'll be nice.

Amber said...

We chose a paint color without getting samples, and it ended up being burnt orange (instead of a nice bright shade of brown). I guess since we live near UT it works. I'm sure yours will turn out just fine!

What I'd give for a beach vacation.

Anonymous said...

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Bernice said...

Sounds like the weekend was fun - pizza, gift shop, beach etc.etc. So you're going to paint your house - I'm sure you'll do a great job - so back to work after a mini vacation......