Monday, March 04, 2013

Zebra Cakes!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Lillie, Jack, and Avery's joint birthday party at John and Carol's house.  Yes, Lillie took charge of her cake for this party once again.  Rather than a cake for all three of them, they each had their own cake and candles.  Even with all three of them having their own cakes and candles, it was still only 20 candles!  Less than half of my last birthday...
Lillie went for 10 little Zebra cakes.  She then labeled them 1 through 10.  Jack was watching the labeling and tried to get her to stop at 5!  Lillie explained that while he is 5, she is 10 so she has to keep going.
Tada!  A little cake for each year.
Lillie ate the one with the 10 on it.  So Hansen took the 1 and the 3.  Whose birthday is this?
Avery had 5 little strawberry shortcakes, with Straberry Shortcake on each one.  Very cute.  For now on I will call Avery "Strawberry".  She can take me or leave me, so calling her Strawberry was no big thing.
Getting ready to blow out candles.
Opening presents!  There were some awesome presents to be opened!  These three kids did alright on their birthdays.
Hansen is helping Jack with a small box of Legos!  But it was the skateboard that was stuck to Jack's hip for the rest of the afternoon.
This strangely back-lit photo of Strawberry and her matcher American Doll outfit was totally ruined by some old photo bomber.  You may think this photo in poor taste?  You should see the other photos being taken by Stef these days!  We will be looking for her blog in the next few months.  Preston may even make a guest appearance with his ability to sleep right through Jack's running around honking his new crazy loud bicycle horn!

Another fun birthday party in the books.  See you tomorrow.

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