Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Snow!

Good evening, it is Thursday night.

I just got home from Preston's soccer game in the snow!  Yes, it is the second day of spring and we are getting snow!  At Tuesday's game Carol asked me how bad does the weather have to be to cancel soccer...I said, "They don't cancel soccer!"  And tonight is proof.  But it wasn't just the soccer kids that had a hard time with the snow...Maren had to drive home from work in blizzard conditions!  Actually she is lucky as just after she got onto her stretch of hwy 18, after dodging cars sliding into the ditches and right at her, the DOT closed the roads and folks were just sitting in their cars.  Yikes.
 Preston is number 7 in the black uniform.  He had a very good game.  Scored on a very well struck free kick and made amazing passes all game.  Their team still lost 2-4.
 Here is a better view of the snow.  It was hard to see the far side of the field at times.  This is one of those games that regardless of the outcome, all the kids who played their hardest in this weather deserve big kudos!  
Maren took this picture on her drive home today.  The crazy thing about this picture is that at this exact time it was beautiful and sunny at our house.  I was standing in the sunshine looking at the black wall of clouds just 15 miles away...Maren was driving in the storm that I was looking at.  Maren also said that right after she took this picture a car coming right at her slid into the ditch.  After that, both hands where on the wheel:)

Welcome to spring!  I did actually see on the news that we are fully expecting a very hot and very dry summer.  Wacky start.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm glad Maren got home safely! Yikes!

Bernice said...

What a storm - poor Maren having to drive in that mess. Good she got hope safe.

Miami & Duke won today and I'll follow them as hopefully they go forward. Ed took the day off so he could watch both games - I watched them also. U.M. was pretty awesome. So we'll see what happens. Stay safe - hope you are finished with snowstorms.