Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today's post has kind of a school theme going on.  But the pictures don't necessarily relate to each other   Wacky huh?

Happy Pi Day!  3/14...3.14.  Pi!  Not Pie:)
But pie is good.  I'm thinking we will be eating some in math class today.
This is a funny chart on how to letting a student go to the bathroom.
Right now there are dozens of photos of me dressed as the Cat in the Hat hanging around C.V.  Creepy huh?  Creepy Cool:)
And lastly, this is me in the corner of the staff room.  This is green week at CV.  Can you tell I'm wearing a cute little green hat?  Yeah, whatever.  And may the Luck of the Irish be with you.

See you tomorrow.

1 comment:

Clarity said...

Ha, yeah we did Pi day! 3.1415926535 8979323846 264338327950. That's all I know from memory