Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day...and more!

Good morning, it is Monday.

I've got a few unrelated pictures for you, so I will do the commentating caption style:
Friday evening Preston's school soccer team had their first ever home game at their school!  Over the summer a new field was put in so now they don't have to share French Field with the rest of the Kent schools.  There is not much room for spectators, but there seems to be just enough.  This is the view from the bleachers.
 After the soccer game (Preston had a good game, but the team lost 1-2) I was able to take this picture of Preston and his girlfriend Sarai.
Yesterday after church John and Carol took our motley crew out to McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake!  This was the only green beverage I drank yesterday for St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe next year a green beer?  
 Hansen's new bow arrived the other day.  There are no stores locally that sell archery stuff, so it is a wait for the mail game.  Saturday I took Hansen to a different archery club that is holding a tournament next weekend.  He is hoping we can make it so he can try out his skills.
 Yesterday I took Lillie and Hansen to see Oz The Great And Powerful.  We really enjoyed the movie.  It was better than I expected.  The movie didn't start and didn't start...once they got if fixed  we got to see the movie and get a free pass to our next movie...yay!  Lillie enjoyed the huge interactive displays in the lobby.
Yes, Lillie's student ID for Monster university is frightening.
 Saturday morning I golfed in the Irish Open at Druids Glen.  It was a ball buster format where they tipped the tees and tucked the pins.  There were 100 golfers in two divisions.  The field was open to anyone and folks came from all over.  I finished fourth in a card off (tied for 3rd, but lost in a card off) in division 1.  My name is top right in the pic, it is just the div 1 scores.
This is me teeing off on hole 3.  This hole is a par three with water all the way...I hit a 5 iron over the green as the pin was tucked back left.  With the skins game, you got to go for some of these shots, but stay dry too.  I did win one skin by chipping in for a 2 on a 225 yard par three that was into the wind.  On this day my short game was super!  But my long game was crummy.  Looking at this picture I now know why. Posture!  I will work on that for next time.  I am still very pleased with this event!  And I now have like $80 in prize money to spend in the pro-shop.  It was an interesting group I golf with.  A guy who trys to qualify for Senior PGA events (he beat me), a 21 year old who is going to California to play on a mini-tour (I beat him), and a 10th grader who played great for his age (I beat him too) as he is Preston's age.  It was fun being in a competition again.

See you tomorrow.


Robert said...

Great job, Julian. I knew you could break 80, no matter how hard they set up the course.

Julian Slane said...

Thanks Dad!