Friday, March 08, 2013

Giving Archery A Try.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday!  Happy birthday Dad!

After talking to my dad on the phone for a few minutes, I took Hansen to an Archery facility to learn all about archery and shoot some arrows too.  A few post back I told you about the Chicken fingers event that has shaped my view of archery, but this class changed all that and now I actually know some real stuff.  After the safety course, we got to shoot!  They had different strength bows to try and instructors to help.  Surprisingly (OK, not really surprisingly to me) both Hansen and I were pretty competent shooters.  Slingers?  Archers?  Archers works, but don't call me Archie.  Dumb joke.  Hansen knew he would be good, but I think he thought I would totally suck, as well as being an embarrassment to his existence.  And Hah!  I may have been better then him...probably not better, but as good.
 Hansen taking aim at one of his first shots.
 After a few rounds we were both doing pretty well.  I had to snap this photo because here Hansen is pulling out his arrow from the target...but the arrow in the middle of the bulls-eye belongs to me! Of course for Hansen's other two arrows he just moved a foot over.  I actually had to search way beyond the target for one and maybe even just pick one up off the ground.
 Hansen again, his form is pretty darn perfect.
   Hansen took this pic of me.  I had fun with archery.  I don't think archery could trump golf, but it was fun.  Archery junkies are a little different crowd than the golf junkies.  But the one thing that is the same, they love their sport!  And they love the equipment that goes along with their sport.  And they love the history that goes along with their sport.  And the folks helping us last night enjoyed sharing all of the above, which was very cool.

See you tomorrow.

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