Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elementary Track!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was Lillie's first ever elementary track meet!  Track is for 4th-6th in our school district so yay for Lillie.  Preston and Hansen both did track their three years so this is the beginning of my 7th consecutive elementary track season for me!  The weather was the best of the year, maybe even topping 60 degrees!  Feels like summer for sure.  And good thing the weather is so nice, Lillie's new track coach was totally clueless this first meet.  He didn't know how many students were to compete in particular events, nor had he chosen who those students would be.  Lillie was told to go long jump, but he sent like eight kids over there and it has always been just three allowed.  He is a nice guy and the kids like him as a P.E. teacher, but it is clear that he the other coaches never discussed how this was to go.  Hopefully he will have this figured out for next track meet.
 Lillie getting ready for her first ever track meet!  Bring it on!
Lillie got to run in the open 75 yard dash and the open relay.  You can see her at the left end of the line with her pink track shorts!  She got over her disappointment of not getting to do the long jump pretty quickly and had a fun meet.  Hopefully she will get the chance in the future as the new coach figures things out.  Of course, both of Lillie's brothers were district champs in the long jump so she thinks long jumping is in her blood.  She may be right...but who knows, Lillie has a way of enjoying her friends and socializing maybe more than the fact that there is actually a competition going on.  In the end, Lillie had tons of fun goofing off in the infield cheering on her school along with her friends and she got to run in a couple of events, so however this track season goes, it is all good.

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

Glad Lillie is having fun with track!

Clarity said...

Yay Lillie! In my track experiences, I am best at the dashes. I HATE long distance! :D