Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicken Dinner.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Preston's Kentlake Varsity soccer team won its first game on Tuesday.  They have had a couple of losses and a couple of ties, but now a win is checked off.  The win was very cool as it came in the final minutes.  Preston received a pass/ through ball and went flying toward the goal.  In the penalty box he was taken out by the last man.  Once the dust had settled, Preston had a Penalty Kick to win the game.  And yes!  Back of the net!  Winner winner...
And here is the photo!  Yes, iphones suck at taking faraway pictures in the dark.  Next time I will just put it on video for this type of play.  I snapped this picture just after Preston made his goal.  The players were jumping around and the fans were screaming.  Very fun!  Congrats Preston and KL.  Maybe this will be the beginning of great run?  The team is very young, easily a year younger on average than the teams they are playing against, so as long as they keep their chins up and keep working, they will get there.

Now for an Easter sneak peek:
Lillie picked up this fun dress for Easter.  She was just planning on wearing her boots, but we (yes, I got to take her shopping all by myself to Fred Meyers) figured that since the weather is suposed to be warm (almost 70 degrees!) she may want flip flops too.  As we were on the way to check out I suggested that she buy a roll of pink duct tape to make a matching purse.  Winner idea!  Within an hour after getting home the purse was already made.  The only down side was by then it was a bit late and some 4th grader (to remain nameless) still had math and spelling homework.  Oops!  Next week I'm sure you will get to see the "after" pic.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, way to go Preston and team!!! Lillie's outfit looks very cute, looking forward to the "after."