Monday, March 11, 2013


Good morning, it is Monday.

And it is so dark this morning!  Daylight savings time is here and while this particular morning is tough, I love that it is back to being light till 7:00 pm, and later.

This weekend saw the last hurrah for Lillie's 10th birthday.  Just before her last hurrah, she got to spent the night with her MLP club for another friend's 10th birthday.  Lillie is living a fun life for sure!  Back to her last hurrah...a trip to Build-a-Bear!  Yes, at first glance you may be thinking that Lillie is getting too old for least that was my initial thought, but there is some history here.  The last time we were in Disney Land we walked right by a Build-a-bear studio several time per day.  Lillie was torn because she really wanted to spend her money there, but she really knew she should spend her money on Disney Land type stuff.  So, she skipped Build-a-Bear when we promised to take her to one up here.  She reminded me every few weeks for most of the last year, and I with her birthday we finally made it happen.

Lillie, Hansen, and myself squeezed into the pick-up truck for a trip to Tacoma Mall (the closest Build-a-Bear) and an adventure that was really a very fun day.
 Here Lillie choose the perfect Bear skin?  Pelt?  Ghost?  It is something, and empty thing looking like it has potential to be a teddy bear.
The staffer that helped us was super.  Here she is stuffing the bear, or bringing it to life.  She even had Lillie choose a little heart and rub it, kiss it, and give it good bear qualities.  Lillie chose not to give this bear a voice...phew!
This bear has an name and a birth certificate.  Bella The Bear is hanging with Lillie as she creates her birth certificate.  Bella also got a very cute sparkly dress and a pair of shoes.  After the bear, the three of us headed over to the food court for lunch.  Three different restaurants and we were all enjoying our favorite lunches!

Also this weekend was Preston's first high school soccer game of the new year.  His team played in a jamboree where they played two 20 minute games.  They lost their first game and won their second.  Preston had a good couple of games and really seems to enjoy this team this season.
Preston is in the white jersey above the mid field mark.  This year he was able to be number 7!  Last year as a freshman he didn't have the seniority to choose his number, this year...number 7!  And rightfully so.  I will snap some better photos in the future.

Hansen spent some time shopping for a new bow.  He and I both purchased new bows.  He ordered a very cool wooden recurve take-down style bow, and I ordered a cheap fiberglass bow that can be used left or right handed, so if Preston and/or Lillie want to try it some day (both lefties) it will work for them.  I also put the one he had previously ordered back in the mail to be returned.  We are hopefully on our way to some fun archery times ahead.  And with the new lower powered bows, the back yard range will be opened for very cool.

See you tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Welcome, Bella! Glad the archery is working out.

Clarity said...

Hi it's Claire, and I just wanted to say hi!