Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Lillie Party!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Lillie's My Little Pony birthday party is in the final stages.  Four of her MLP gang have been over goofing off big time!  Lillie wanted to totally take charge of her birthday this year.  She made her cake, made the games, and even created the agenda of her party.  The pictures tell a better story than I do... unfortunately for you, these pictures are silent!  The house has been a flood of yelling, laughing, shrieking, and goofing off!  A perfect 10th birthday party!
 Yup, Lillie created this Pin The Tail on the Pony game!  Lots of fun here.
 Creating her cake.  A rainbow of flavors.  The cake itself is dyed to match her new Pony Sweatshirt.
 Hand made streamers and decorations.  Colored by yours truly...and Lillie of course.  Hansen and Maren not even being able to imagine what would come of our house in just a few hours.  As I type Preston and Hansen have retreated to their rooms just to get away:)
 The cake in all its glory.  Great job on your cake Lillie!  I actually offered to create a MLP cake, but Lillie wanted to make her own cake.
 Lillie with her Twilight Sparkle sweatshirt and a Twilight Sparkle stuffed animal.
The MLP club.  Having a great and goofy time partying away.

Happy Birthday Lillie!  Another party tomorrow and then her actual birthday in a few days.  Tomorrow's birthday is a joint party with cousins Jack and Avery.  Today Jack and Avery are five!  It's great to be five!!!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

It's good to be 5, and great to be 10! What a fantastic birthday party and cake - way to go, Lillie!

Ellen said...

Happy birthday, Lillie!

Bernice said...

Happy Birthday Lillie,
so much celebrating - how
lucky you are. I hope you have enjoyed all the parties - you are a special young lady!!!!