Monday, March 25, 2013

A 10 pointer!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday was Hansen's first ever archery tournament.  I took him there and walked the course with him, but I didn't a caddie.  This was a 3-D event which means the archers shoot at 3-D targets, like fake pigs and such.  There were 30 targets, which I called golf holes, along a course with three 10 hole sections.  Some of the folks there had very specialized equipment and were aiming (and hitting) targets the size of a quarter from over 50 feet away!  With Hansen's recurve bow and limited use, he was happy to hit the target!  I think he did great.  He hit over half the targets, lost only two arrows, and had a couple of high point shots as well.  The best was when we were "playing through" a group of guys who were dialing in each target with fancy gauges on their bows and such for exact everything.  Hansen just eyeballed the target and shot...10 pointer!
 This was a typical target.  Different abilities started from different starting spots.  The course winds through a large wooded area in Enumclaw.  I think we will join the club next month so we can go out and shoot anytime.   
 Here the 3-D target is on the left.  For every day use there would be a target on the wall behind Hansen.  With the size of the target on this boar being only a quarter in size, many of the competitors used binoculars to sight in everything.  Seems like 3-D shooting is totally geared toward the hunter.  But it was clear that many were out there for the sport of archery.
   Here Hansen is waiting for a twosome in front of him to complete the target.  Later this couple was nice enough to let us join them.  They were very good shooters and were very nice as well.  Yes, there is snow on the ground.  I was dressed plenty warm, but Hansen was cold for most of the day.  I have an el-cheapo bow and matching arrows.  When we go out just for fun, I will be shooting as well.  I don't think I could have hit a single target with my skills right now.  I think I'll stick to golf for my main sport.  The couple in front of us said they were golfers but like archery more these days.  There are some commonalities in the sports for sure, but I kind of feel like golf requires just a bit more creativity, and a bit less perfectionism, both of which suits me better for now.  

See you tomorrow.

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