Thursday, March 28, 2013

Chicken Dinner.

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Preston's Kentlake Varsity soccer team won its first game on Tuesday.  They have had a couple of losses and a couple of ties, but now a win is checked off.  The win was very cool as it came in the final minutes.  Preston received a pass/ through ball and went flying toward the goal.  In the penalty box he was taken out by the last man.  Once the dust had settled, Preston had a Penalty Kick to win the game.  And yes!  Back of the net!  Winner winner...
And here is the photo!  Yes, iphones suck at taking faraway pictures in the dark.  Next time I will just put it on video for this type of play.  I snapped this picture just after Preston made his goal.  The players were jumping around and the fans were screaming.  Very fun!  Congrats Preston and KL.  Maybe this will be the beginning of great run?  The team is very young, easily a year younger on average than the teams they are playing against, so as long as they keep their chins up and keep working, they will get there.

Now for an Easter sneak peek:
Lillie picked up this fun dress for Easter.  She was just planning on wearing her boots, but we (yes, I got to take her shopping all by myself to Fred Meyers) figured that since the weather is suposed to be warm (almost 70 degrees!) she may want flip flops too.  As we were on the way to check out I suggested that she buy a roll of pink duct tape to make a matching purse.  Winner idea!  Within an hour after getting home the purse was already made.  The only down side was by then it was a bit late and some 4th grader (to remain nameless) still had math and spelling homework.  Oops!  Next week I'm sure you will get to see the "after" pic.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Elementary Track!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Yesterday was Lillie's first ever elementary track meet!  Track is for 4th-6th in our school district so yay for Lillie.  Preston and Hansen both did track their three years so this is the beginning of my 7th consecutive elementary track season for me!  The weather was the best of the year, maybe even topping 60 degrees!  Feels like summer for sure.  And good thing the weather is so nice, Lillie's new track coach was totally clueless this first meet.  He didn't know how many students were to compete in particular events, nor had he chosen who those students would be.  Lillie was told to go long jump, but he sent like eight kids over there and it has always been just three allowed.  He is a nice guy and the kids like him as a P.E. teacher, but it is clear that he the other coaches never discussed how this was to go.  Hopefully he will have this figured out for next track meet.
 Lillie getting ready for her first ever track meet!  Bring it on!
Lillie got to run in the open 75 yard dash and the open relay.  You can see her at the left end of the line with her pink track shorts!  She got over her disappointment of not getting to do the long jump pretty quickly and had a fun meet.  Hopefully she will get the chance in the future as the new coach figures things out.  Of course, both of Lillie's brothers were district champs in the long jump so she thinks long jumping is in her blood.  She may be right...but who knows, Lillie has a way of enjoying her friends and socializing maybe more than the fact that there is actually a competition going on.  In the end, Lillie had tons of fun goofing off in the infield cheering on her school along with her friends and she got to run in a couple of events, so however this track season goes, it is all good.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 25, 2013

A 10 pointer!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Saturday was Hansen's first ever archery tournament.  I took him there and walked the course with him, but I didn't a caddie.  This was a 3-D event which means the archers shoot at 3-D targets, like fake pigs and such.  There were 30 targets, which I called golf holes, along a course with three 10 hole sections.  Some of the folks there had very specialized equipment and were aiming (and hitting) targets the size of a quarter from over 50 feet away!  With Hansen's recurve bow and limited use, he was happy to hit the target!  I think he did great.  He hit over half the targets, lost only two arrows, and had a couple of high point shots as well.  The best was when we were "playing through" a group of guys who were dialing in each target with fancy gauges on their bows and such for exact everything.  Hansen just eyeballed the target and shot...10 pointer!
 This was a typical target.  Different abilities started from different starting spots.  The course winds through a large wooded area in Enumclaw.  I think we will join the club next month so we can go out and shoot anytime.   
 Here the 3-D target is on the left.  For every day use there would be a target on the wall behind Hansen.  With the size of the target on this boar being only a quarter in size, many of the competitors used binoculars to sight in everything.  Seems like 3-D shooting is totally geared toward the hunter.  But it was clear that many were out there for the sport of archery.
   Here Hansen is waiting for a twosome in front of him to complete the target.  Later this couple was nice enough to let us join them.  They were very good shooters and were very nice as well.  Yes, there is snow on the ground.  I was dressed plenty warm, but Hansen was cold for most of the day.  I have an el-cheapo bow and matching arrows.  When we go out just for fun, I will be shooting as well.  I don't think I could have hit a single target with my skills right now.  I think I'll stick to golf for my main sport.  The couple in front of us said they were golfers but like archery more these days.  There are some commonalities in the sports for sure, but I kind of feel like golf requires just a bit more creativity, and a bit less perfectionism, both of which suits me better for now.  

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring Snow!

Good evening, it is Thursday night.

I just got home from Preston's soccer game in the snow!  Yes, it is the second day of spring and we are getting snow!  At Tuesday's game Carol asked me how bad does the weather have to be to cancel soccer...I said, "They don't cancel soccer!"  And tonight is proof.  But it wasn't just the soccer kids that had a hard time with the snow...Maren had to drive home from work in blizzard conditions!  Actually she is lucky as just after she got onto her stretch of hwy 18, after dodging cars sliding into the ditches and right at her, the DOT closed the roads and folks were just sitting in their cars.  Yikes.
 Preston is number 7 in the black uniform.  He had a very good game.  Scored on a very well struck free kick and made amazing passes all game.  Their team still lost 2-4.
 Here is a better view of the snow.  It was hard to see the far side of the field at times.  This is one of those games that regardless of the outcome, all the kids who played their hardest in this weather deserve big kudos!  
Maren took this picture on her drive home today.  The crazy thing about this picture is that at this exact time it was beautiful and sunny at our house.  I was standing in the sunshine looking at the black wall of clouds just 15 miles away...Maren was driving in the storm that I was looking at.  Maren also said that right after she took this picture a car coming right at her slid into the ditch.  After that, both hands where on the wheel:)

Welcome to spring!  I did actually see on the news that we are fully expecting a very hot and very dry summer.  Wacky start.

See you tomorrow.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Good evening, it's Wednesday night.

Have the kids done their chores?  No.  Could I be mad?  Sure.  Have I been mad this month?  Yup.  Is that at all what I'm talking about?  Nope.  I'm talking basketball silly.  March Madness is upon us.  Have you filled out your brackets?  I hope so, they were due by 9:00am this morning.  I don't really care about college basketball, but my work has a tournament as does the rest of the world, or so it seems.  So here it is sports fans, my brackets:
Gonzaga, a local school that I have friends who are alumni, is number one in the country!  I would gladly loose my $5.00 to have them win, but I just couldn't put it in ink.  I would also be very happy with Miami.  How cool would that be? But I'm going for Louisville.  Why?  Nate Silver picked them and that's good enough for me.  Like I'm going to do all the calculations...not.  Bring on the basketball!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day...and more!

Good morning, it is Monday.

I've got a few unrelated pictures for you, so I will do the commentating caption style:
Friday evening Preston's school soccer team had their first ever home game at their school!  Over the summer a new field was put in so now they don't have to share French Field with the rest of the Kent schools.  There is not much room for spectators, but there seems to be just enough.  This is the view from the bleachers.
 After the soccer game (Preston had a good game, but the team lost 1-2) I was able to take this picture of Preston and his girlfriend Sarai.
Yesterday after church John and Carol took our motley crew out to McDonald's for a Shamrock Shake!  This was the only green beverage I drank yesterday for St. Patrick's Day.  Maybe next year a green beer?  
 Hansen's new bow arrived the other day.  There are no stores locally that sell archery stuff, so it is a wait for the mail game.  Saturday I took Hansen to a different archery club that is holding a tournament next weekend.  He is hoping we can make it so he can try out his skills.
 Yesterday I took Lillie and Hansen to see Oz The Great And Powerful.  We really enjoyed the movie.  It was better than I expected.  The movie didn't start and didn't start...once they got if fixed  we got to see the movie and get a free pass to our next movie...yay!  Lillie enjoyed the huge interactive displays in the lobby.
Yes, Lillie's student ID for Monster university is frightening.
 Saturday morning I golfed in the Irish Open at Druids Glen.  It was a ball buster format where they tipped the tees and tucked the pins.  There were 100 golfers in two divisions.  The field was open to anyone and folks came from all over.  I finished fourth in a card off (tied for 3rd, but lost in a card off) in division 1.  My name is top right in the pic, it is just the div 1 scores.
This is me teeing off on hole 3.  This hole is a par three with water all the way...I hit a 5 iron over the green as the pin was tucked back left.  With the skins game, you got to go for some of these shots, but stay dry too.  I did win one skin by chipping in for a 2 on a 225 yard par three that was into the wind.  On this day my short game was super!  But my long game was crummy.  Looking at this picture I now know why. Posture!  I will work on that for next time.  I am still very pleased with this event!  And I now have like $80 in prize money to spend in the pro-shop.  It was an interesting group I golf with.  A guy who trys to qualify for Senior PGA events (he beat me), a 21 year old who is going to California to play on a mini-tour (I beat him), and a 10th grader who played great for his age (I beat him too) as he is Preston's age.  It was fun being in a competition again.

See you tomorrow.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Pi Day!

Good morning, it is Thursday.

Today's post has kind of a school theme going on.  But the pictures don't necessarily relate to each other   Wacky huh?

Happy Pi Day!  3/14...3.14.  Pi!  Not Pie:)
But pie is good.  I'm thinking we will be eating some in math class today.
This is a funny chart on how to letting a student go to the bathroom.
Right now there are dozens of photos of me dressed as the Cat in the Hat hanging around C.V.  Creepy huh?  Creepy Cool:)
And lastly, this is me in the corner of the staff room.  This is green week at CV.  Can you tell I'm wearing a cute little green hat?  Yeah, whatever.  And may the Luck of the Irish be with you.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 11, 2013


Good morning, it is Monday.

And it is so dark this morning!  Daylight savings time is here and while this particular morning is tough, I love that it is back to being light till 7:00 pm, and later.

This weekend saw the last hurrah for Lillie's 10th birthday.  Just before her last hurrah, she got to spent the night with her MLP club for another friend's 10th birthday.  Lillie is living a fun life for sure!  Back to her last hurrah...a trip to Build-a-Bear!  Yes, at first glance you may be thinking that Lillie is getting too old for least that was my initial thought, but there is some history here.  The last time we were in Disney Land we walked right by a Build-a-bear studio several time per day.  Lillie was torn because she really wanted to spend her money there, but she really knew she should spend her money on Disney Land type stuff.  So, she skipped Build-a-Bear when we promised to take her to one up here.  She reminded me every few weeks for most of the last year, and I with her birthday we finally made it happen.

Lillie, Hansen, and myself squeezed into the pick-up truck for a trip to Tacoma Mall (the closest Build-a-Bear) and an adventure that was really a very fun day.
 Here Lillie choose the perfect Bear skin?  Pelt?  Ghost?  It is something, and empty thing looking like it has potential to be a teddy bear.
The staffer that helped us was super.  Here she is stuffing the bear, or bringing it to life.  She even had Lillie choose a little heart and rub it, kiss it, and give it good bear qualities.  Lillie chose not to give this bear a voice...phew!
This bear has an name and a birth certificate.  Bella The Bear is hanging with Lillie as she creates her birth certificate.  Bella also got a very cute sparkly dress and a pair of shoes.  After the bear, the three of us headed over to the food court for lunch.  Three different restaurants and we were all enjoying our favorite lunches!

Also this weekend was Preston's first high school soccer game of the new year.  His team played in a jamboree where they played two 20 minute games.  They lost their first game and won their second.  Preston had a good couple of games and really seems to enjoy this team this season.
Preston is in the white jersey above the mid field mark.  This year he was able to be number 7!  Last year as a freshman he didn't have the seniority to choose his number, this year...number 7!  And rightfully so.  I will snap some better photos in the future.

Hansen spent some time shopping for a new bow.  He and I both purchased new bows.  He ordered a very cool wooden recurve take-down style bow, and I ordered a cheap fiberglass bow that can be used left or right handed, so if Preston and/or Lillie want to try it some day (both lefties) it will work for them.  I also put the one he had previously ordered back in the mail to be returned.  We are hopefully on our way to some fun archery times ahead.  And with the new lower powered bows, the back yard range will be opened for very cool.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Giving Archery A Try.

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was my dad's birthday!  Happy birthday Dad!

After talking to my dad on the phone for a few minutes, I took Hansen to an Archery facility to learn all about archery and shoot some arrows too.  A few post back I told you about the Chicken fingers event that has shaped my view of archery, but this class changed all that and now I actually know some real stuff.  After the safety course, we got to shoot!  They had different strength bows to try and instructors to help.  Surprisingly (OK, not really surprisingly to me) both Hansen and I were pretty competent shooters.  Slingers?  Archers?  Archers works, but don't call me Archie.  Dumb joke.  Hansen knew he would be good, but I think he thought I would totally suck, as well as being an embarrassment to his existence.  And Hah!  I may have been better then him...probably not better, but as good.
 Hansen taking aim at one of his first shots.
 After a few rounds we were both doing pretty well.  I had to snap this photo because here Hansen is pulling out his arrow from the target...but the arrow in the middle of the bulls-eye belongs to me! Of course for Hansen's other two arrows he just moved a foot over.  I actually had to search way beyond the target for one and maybe even just pick one up off the ground.
 Hansen again, his form is pretty darn perfect.
   Hansen took this pic of me.  I had fun with archery.  I don't think archery could trump golf, but it was fun.  Archery junkies are a little different crowd than the golf junkies.  But the one thing that is the same, they love their sport!  And they love the equipment that goes along with their sport.  And they love the history that goes along with their sport.  And the folks helping us last night enjoyed sharing all of the above, which was very cool.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Lillie Is Ten!

Good morning, it is Tuesday!

Happy 10th Birthday to Lillie!

I found just a few pictures for you:
Lillie at age 1!
Opening presents at age 3.
Getting ready for candles at age 4.
What is this?  My Little Pony was her favorite at age 5?!?  Yup, once a MLP fan, always a MLP fan!
Lillie with a Barbie cake that I once made for her.  Yeah, I could make a mean cake...

Well there you go, Lillie is 10!  Double digits!  Old!  And if you want to see what a 10 year old Lillie looks like, scroll down to the last couple of birthday posts.

See you tomorrow.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Zebra Cakes!

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday was Lillie, Jack, and Avery's joint birthday party at John and Carol's house.  Yes, Lillie took charge of her cake for this party once again.  Rather than a cake for all three of them, they each had their own cake and candles.  Even with all three of them having their own cakes and candles, it was still only 20 candles!  Less than half of my last birthday...
Lillie went for 10 little Zebra cakes.  She then labeled them 1 through 10.  Jack was watching the labeling and tried to get her to stop at 5!  Lillie explained that while he is 5, she is 10 so she has to keep going.
Tada!  A little cake for each year.
Lillie ate the one with the 10 on it.  So Hansen took the 1 and the 3.  Whose birthday is this?
Avery had 5 little strawberry shortcakes, with Straberry Shortcake on each one.  Very cute.  For now on I will call Avery "Strawberry".  She can take me or leave me, so calling her Strawberry was no big thing.
Getting ready to blow out candles.
Opening presents!  There were some awesome presents to be opened!  These three kids did alright on their birthdays.
Hansen is helping Jack with a small box of Legos!  But it was the skateboard that was stuck to Jack's hip for the rest of the afternoon.
This strangely back-lit photo of Strawberry and her matcher American Doll outfit was totally ruined by some old photo bomber.  You may think this photo in poor taste?  You should see the other photos being taken by Stef these days!  We will be looking for her blog in the next few months.  Preston may even make a guest appearance with his ability to sleep right through Jack's running around honking his new crazy loud bicycle horn!

Another fun birthday party in the books.  See you tomorrow.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

A Lillie Party!

Good evening, it is Saturday.

Lillie's My Little Pony birthday party is in the final stages.  Four of her MLP gang have been over goofing off big time!  Lillie wanted to totally take charge of her birthday this year.  She made her cake, made the games, and even created the agenda of her party.  The pictures tell a better story than I do... unfortunately for you, these pictures are silent!  The house has been a flood of yelling, laughing, shrieking, and goofing off!  A perfect 10th birthday party!
 Yup, Lillie created this Pin The Tail on the Pony game!  Lots of fun here.
 Creating her cake.  A rainbow of flavors.  The cake itself is dyed to match her new Pony Sweatshirt.
 Hand made streamers and decorations.  Colored by yours truly...and Lillie of course.  Hansen and Maren not even being able to imagine what would come of our house in just a few hours.  As I type Preston and Hansen have retreated to their rooms just to get away:)
 The cake in all its glory.  Great job on your cake Lillie!  I actually offered to create a MLP cake, but Lillie wanted to make her own cake.
 Lillie with her Twilight Sparkle sweatshirt and a Twilight Sparkle stuffed animal.
The MLP club.  Having a great and goofy time partying away.

Happy Birthday Lillie!  Another party tomorrow and then her actual birthday in a few days.  Tomorrow's birthday is a joint party with cousins Jack and Avery.  Today Jack and Avery are five!  It's great to be five!!!

See you tomorrow.