Monday, February 25, 2013

The Chilly Hilly

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday I rode in my second Chilly Hilly!  It is the kick off bicycling event of the Puget Sound area.  Take a ferry from Seattle with a few thousand bikers, ride around Bainbridge Island, take the ferry back.  Bainbridge Island is total hills, barely any flat land.  So, plenty of crawling up hill and flying down hill.  And yes, they served chili at the rest stops!
This is waiting in line with all the other bicyclist to load onto the ferry.
I actually stopped to take a picture here.  You can't really tell from the picture, but in the background is the city of Seattle.  This was a beautiful ride all the way around.

I don't know how many other rides I will do this year, but I do hope to keep doing this one.  My favorite ride by far.  Not too long, not too serious, and so cool having bicycle sprawled all over the ferry.

Can't forget about the Oscars!  Yes we watched.  Guess I had better see Argo one of these days:)

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

What a cool bike ride! We haven't seen Argo either, or pretty much any of the movies, but the Oscars are the Oscars!

Bernice said...

It's great that you are able to participate in such a neat bike ride. Argo is a very
good movie - if you can get to see it - go.