Friday, February 08, 2013

Thanks For Being Awesome!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a day of days.  I got that line from a book I just read from an author named Don J. Snyder.  But it is not just a line.  Yesterday really was a day of days.  Preston was awarded Student of the Quarter at Kentlake High School and I was able to attend the award presentation.  Each section of the school nominated a few students for this award, then the teachers that did the nominating wrote a paragraph about the student.  The principal then read the paragraphs to the students and the parents in attendance.  You can tell the principal loves his job, at least this part of it, and read each student's paragraph will feeling and even added more to some kids.  My favorite awards ceremony I've ever attended.  What a great group of kids!
 This is the small group of students being awarded student of the quarter for World Language.  Preston takes Spanish and does a great job!
 Proof!  His certificate!
And printed right on the back of the certificate was the brief summary for the principal to read.  Preston is awesome!

See you tomorrow!


carol said...

Congratulations for all the awsomeness ! Bilingual with a great attitude and positive energy -that's wonderful !

Amber said...

Preston is Awesome! Certainly a day of days - congrats guys!

Anonymous said...

We're so proud of Preston! I loved what it said about how he enhances the atmosphere with his positive attitude - he is definitely awesome!

Bernice said...

Preston, How proud I am of you.The words written about you are so special, as you are. Positive attitude, enhances the atmosphere, and by the way, excels in his language. Congratulations!!