Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good morning, it is Sunday,

The kids and I will have the next week of school off for mid winter break!  Yay, and whatever at the same time.  We are not traveling to a warmer place, so we will just be cooped up with each other for the next week.  Woohoo!  What this really means is that I will be asked every single day to take the kids somewhere I wouldn't want to go for the sole purpose of spending money.  Like the outlet mall.  The kids need shoes, in fact Hansen needs three pairs!  And Lillie needs at least two pairs!  That is right, they both have this amazing thing going on where there feet just won't stop growing, and they both plan on running track for their schools in the spring.

Enough of my whining, guess where Maren is?  That's right, in Boston!  She is there for the Science Book and Film awards.  She is on the committee that recognizes youth science books.  She has all these plans (other than all the commitments of her committee) like seeing my cousin Emily and hanging out with one of her good friends who just moved away from here to there...but of course, it is snowing like crazy or something and it may end up being a few days cooped up in a hotel room?

Preston is in Portland playing soccer for his new soccer team.  They had two games yesterday, one win and one loss.  They have another game today to see if they play on Monday.  He is a bit sick too, but I do know he scored one very cool goal!

I just realized that I missed Valentine's Day on my blog!  Instead of really focusing on my blog, I am texting Maren about the Blizzard in Boston.  Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!  Here are a few pics:
 Lillie with a blue airhead taffy tongue!
 I don't know how this picture of Ranger appeared on my phone.  I do know Lillie was using it for just like 30 seconds yesterday...and giggling...hmm.
And a red velvet valentines day cake from Costco!  There is some left that the kids have not forgotten about just yet!

See you tomorrow.


Amber said...

I think you're turning into a twice a week blogger like me! I wish we had the week off... I could totally go for some new shoes.

berretta dual action springs said...

Awesome read. I like the blog itself.