Thursday, February 28, 2013


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night we went to Soup Supper at church for Lent.  I helped serve the soup...and YUM!  Last night's choices were Bean and Ham, Taco, Rice and Chicken, Road Kill, and Vegetarian.  I liked the Taco the most, but the Road Kill created the most buzz.

Preston finished tryouts for his high school soccer team yesterday.  He made the Varsity squad again!  He is also happy with the friends of his that made the team, should be a fun year.  He also made the Select team he was hoping to yay for soccer!

I have done some research on archery ranges in the area.  I have agreed to take Hansen to a real range and let him try out actually archer, not just the back yard type.  Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it too.  Next Thursday is when we will be going, they have a new student class.  Of course Hansen knows this stuff, but I don't.

Lillie's birthday party is coming up on Saturday.  It is just a small gathering of like 3 or 4 friends for a My Little Pony extravaganza.  We are starting to get ready:
This is me coloring MLPs with Lillie.  These will be strung around the house.

Yesterday was science day at school.  Pacific Science Center had a bid thing going on all day including an assembly  in-class visits, and exhibits set up in the Library.  I got to help in the Library running exhibits.  This is me with the gyroscope:
Tonight is Dr. Seuss night at my school and I will be The Cat In The Hat again!

See you tomorrow.

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Ellen said...

What a lot of fun stuff going on! Congrats to Preston! Lillie's MLP party sounds great!