Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicken Fingers?

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last official day of vacation, waaaa.  Just like I had thought earlier, this has been a vacation of shopping.  First it was shoes.  Actually, isn't it always shoes?  Yes, I will answer myself right here, it is always shoes.  Lillie did get a couple of pairs.  A pair of boots and a pair of running shoes for track season.  In case you didn't realize Lillie was going through a growth spurt...what size shoe do you think she ended up with?  That's right, size 8.  Size 8!?!  Soon her height will match up with her foot size and I will never be able to use the term, "the littles" ever again.  On to Hansen.  He ended up with three new pairs of shoes.  School, track, and track spikes.  And Preston only ended up with a pair of school shoes and a pair of soccer cleats.  What size?  Hmm...I think Hansen and Preston are both in the 11.5 range.

The other thing in the news is Hansen's bow and arrow set up.  Maren and I have been a long time against this whole idea.  My brother Eric had a bow and arrow set up just like Hansen wants, and I can recall the Larry Chicken Fingers accident like it was yesterday.  You remember, where Larry released the arrow early, it sailed through the bathroom window of the back yard neighbor's house...while the lady of the house was sitting on the toilet!  There was a scream!  And police! Yes, the excuse was "I just had chicken for dinner and my fingers just slipped..."  Fun times!  So, Hansen wants to repeat this story, only with a better bow!  So where are we today you ask?  Hansen finally showed me how the back yard could be set up in a safe manner and promised me he knew everything about everything including what bow would be the best and yada yada yada.  So I told him to go ahead, place a bid on the perfect bow that you can't stop looking at on e-bay.  He did, and he won the auction!  The much anticipated bow arrived yesterday.  In the mean time I have set up hay bails and picked up some arrows.
And here is Hansen with his "perfect" bow.  A 70 lbs hunting thing delivered yesterday morning.  That he can't even pull the string back.  It is a monster that in the right hands would easily kill any animal and shoot an arrow nearly half a mile!  Not Perfect!  So, the hay bails have never actually been shot.  I tried to shoot the bow once and the house in the background became the backstop.  That's right, I hit the neighbor house!  All the other kids were rolling on the ground laughing about now, but it's not all funny because this bow just won't do.  So, now I get into the research that I thought Hansen had done.  And yes, this bow is an amazing bow that he got at a very good price, but it will never again be shot anywhere near the back yard.  So where to go from here?  Hansen is not pleased because I have put a 20 lbs. max draw weight to any bow purchased for back yard use.  Yes, a crummy little kid bow.  Hansen is having a hard time accepting this restriction, but he purchased the wrong bow and now rules have to be set.  I have offered to help him sell this new bow, but who knows, he may just like looking at it and want to keep it for some year down the road.

On the lucky side, Hansen did win a drawing at our Body Works class for $10 of Jamba Juice!  He spent his gift card, and the last of my gift card, and a little cash (Jamba juices are not that cheap) to treat himself and his siblings!  Yum!
While out and about, Lillie begged us to swing by the pet shop.  That's right, never a dull moment:
But we will not be getting a Ferret or a Guinea Pig!  We have a couple of cats and three human children...who needs more than that?

See you tomorrow.


Ellen said...

I certainly will never forget the chicken fingers episode. I'd feel better if the big bow were exchanged for a small one, but that's just a concerned grandma talking.

Amber said...

I can't imagine having pets - two live humans is plenty enough! Good times indeed.