Thursday, February 07, 2013

And Beyond!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night I took Preston to the high school and beyond night at Kentlake.  It was crazy crowded, to the point of needing police to guide folks to the back parking lot as the main lot was full.  Preston was a bit reluctant to go as he is just a sophomore, but we want him to be aware of the college landscape.
Preston saw many friend there, even some from other school districts   KSD did a good job with this event for sure.  Preston and I were even interviewed by the district's web tv prgram, who knows if we will be stars or not.  Maybe the best thing we did was go to the Boeing booth and ask them what a kid who wants to be a math major should focus on to land an awesome job.  I don't think Preston had ever heard of hydraulic engineering and flow dynamics.  It was worth it right there.
 Some of the big colleges (like the U of W) had long lines while others we just walked up.  I'm not sure why colleges don't pay more attention to the folks running these booths, these first impressions are very important.  The fellow from PLU was great, he talked to Preston at his level, about school and soccer.  PLU is now number one on Preston's list of colleges.
 This goofy picture is of Hansen and Maren playing a flexibility game at the Bodyworks workshop.  Trading the juice box from one hand to the other.  That's right, if Hansen and Maren were paired up, that means I was paired up with Lillie.  When I was time to pass the juice box over the head and under the legs, I could easily knock Lillie over with a bump from my bum.  Fun times!  I can still hear Lillie giggling as I type.

See you tomorrow.

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