Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Chocolate Calculator!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

This week is conference week for the local elementary schools.  That means early release.  Which really means that Lillie gets out of school early, then comes to my school to hang out for an hour before we head home.  Yes, she also has a conference with her teacher...and it is the book fair!

I will begin by letting you know that all three kids got beautiful report cards!  And Lillie had very good parent/teacher conference today.  If she is struggling at anything, she is already addressing and fixing the problem.  The girl is a good student to be sure.
 This is the book Lillie chose at the book fair, along with a calculator she just had to have and a couple of highlighters!
I took a picture of her new shoes (that she got from Auntie Stef) and her funky matching socks.  Kind of matching.  As good as it gets!

I also have some pictures that don't necessarily warrant their own blog, but they are fun, so here you go:
 ACK!  My van hit 60,000 miles while taking Lillie to Drama Class the other day.
 Everyone in Kindergarten had to make a self portrait today, but it had to be in this gingerbread looking guy outline.  I think mine looks awesome!  Of course, when I see this picture I automatically think of The Claw in Toy Story.
 Lillie made me a pretend fortune cookie the other day.  Best fortune ever!
And soccer tryouts under the lights.  That's right, the season (year long outdoor soccer) has only been over for a week and Preston is already trying out for a new team.  This time I think he will play on a team that practices closer to home, has a day fewer practices per week, and has more of his school friends on it.  This team may be just a smidgen less competitive than his last team, but for the trade offs, I say it's all good!  Will fill you in once it is all said and done.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I love Lillie's shoes! And your self portrait is very cool!