Thursday, February 28, 2013


Good morning, it is Thursday.

Last night we went to Soup Supper at church for Lent.  I helped serve the soup...and YUM!  Last night's choices were Bean and Ham, Taco, Rice and Chicken, Road Kill, and Vegetarian.  I liked the Taco the most, but the Road Kill created the most buzz.

Preston finished tryouts for his high school soccer team yesterday.  He made the Varsity squad again!  He is also happy with the friends of his that made the team, should be a fun year.  He also made the Select team he was hoping to yay for soccer!

I have done some research on archery ranges in the area.  I have agreed to take Hansen to a real range and let him try out actually archer, not just the back yard type.  Who knows, maybe I will enjoy it too.  Next Thursday is when we will be going, they have a new student class.  Of course Hansen knows this stuff, but I don't.

Lillie's birthday party is coming up on Saturday.  It is just a small gathering of like 3 or 4 friends for a My Little Pony extravaganza.  We are starting to get ready:
This is me coloring MLPs with Lillie.  These will be strung around the house.

Yesterday was science day at school.  Pacific Science Center had a bid thing going on all day including an assembly  in-class visits, and exhibits set up in the Library.  I got to help in the Library running exhibits.  This is me with the gyroscope:
Tonight is Dr. Seuss night at my school and I will be The Cat In The Hat again!

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 25, 2013

The Chilly Hilly

Good morning, it is Monday.

Yesterday I rode in my second Chilly Hilly!  It is the kick off bicycling event of the Puget Sound area.  Take a ferry from Seattle with a few thousand bikers, ride around Bainbridge Island, take the ferry back.  Bainbridge Island is total hills, barely any flat land.  So, plenty of crawling up hill and flying down hill.  And yes, they served chili at the rest stops!
This is waiting in line with all the other bicyclist to load onto the ferry.
I actually stopped to take a picture here.  You can't really tell from the picture, but in the background is the city of Seattle.  This was a beautiful ride all the way around.

I don't know how many other rides I will do this year, but I do hope to keep doing this one.  My favorite ride by far.  Not too long, not too serious, and so cool having bicycle sprawled all over the ferry.

Can't forget about the Oscars!  Yes we watched.  Guess I had better see Argo one of these days:)

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Chicken Fingers?

Good morning, it is Friday.

The last official day of vacation, waaaa.  Just like I had thought earlier, this has been a vacation of shopping.  First it was shoes.  Actually, isn't it always shoes?  Yes, I will answer myself right here, it is always shoes.  Lillie did get a couple of pairs.  A pair of boots and a pair of running shoes for track season.  In case you didn't realize Lillie was going through a growth spurt...what size shoe do you think she ended up with?  That's right, size 8.  Size 8!?!  Soon her height will match up with her foot size and I will never be able to use the term, "the littles" ever again.  On to Hansen.  He ended up with three new pairs of shoes.  School, track, and track spikes.  And Preston only ended up with a pair of school shoes and a pair of soccer cleats.  What size?  Hmm...I think Hansen and Preston are both in the 11.5 range.

The other thing in the news is Hansen's bow and arrow set up.  Maren and I have been a long time against this whole idea.  My brother Eric had a bow and arrow set up just like Hansen wants, and I can recall the Larry Chicken Fingers accident like it was yesterday.  You remember, where Larry released the arrow early, it sailed through the bathroom window of the back yard neighbor's house...while the lady of the house was sitting on the toilet!  There was a scream!  And police! Yes, the excuse was "I just had chicken for dinner and my fingers just slipped..."  Fun times!  So, Hansen wants to repeat this story, only with a better bow!  So where are we today you ask?  Hansen finally showed me how the back yard could be set up in a safe manner and promised me he knew everything about everything including what bow would be the best and yada yada yada.  So I told him to go ahead, place a bid on the perfect bow that you can't stop looking at on e-bay.  He did, and he won the auction!  The much anticipated bow arrived yesterday.  In the mean time I have set up hay bails and picked up some arrows.
And here is Hansen with his "perfect" bow.  A 70 lbs hunting thing delivered yesterday morning.  That he can't even pull the string back.  It is a monster that in the right hands would easily kill any animal and shoot an arrow nearly half a mile!  Not Perfect!  So, the hay bails have never actually been shot.  I tried to shoot the bow once and the house in the background became the backstop.  That's right, I hit the neighbor house!  All the other kids were rolling on the ground laughing about now, but it's not all funny because this bow just won't do.  So, now I get into the research that I thought Hansen had done.  And yes, this bow is an amazing bow that he got at a very good price, but it will never again be shot anywhere near the back yard.  So where to go from here?  Hansen is not pleased because I have put a 20 lbs. max draw weight to any bow purchased for back yard use.  Yes, a crummy little kid bow.  Hansen is having a hard time accepting this restriction, but he purchased the wrong bow and now rules have to be set.  I have offered to help him sell this new bow, but who knows, he may just like looking at it and want to keep it for some year down the road.

On the lucky side, Hansen did win a drawing at our Body Works class for $10 of Jamba Juice!  He spent his gift card, and the last of my gift card, and a little cash (Jamba juices are not that cheap) to treat himself and his siblings!  Yum!
While out and about, Lillie begged us to swing by the pet shop.  That's right, never a dull moment:
But we will not be getting a Ferret or a Guinea Pig!  We have a couple of cats and three human children...who needs more than that?

See you tomorrow.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Too Much Cute!

Good evening, it is Monday.

Today is President's Day!  Sales galore.  This morning I took the kiddos out to Value Village so we could pop some 50% off tags!  We all found a few good deals.  We also stopped by Big-5 for Hansen's sake.

Across the country the snow melted enough for some traveling and visiting.  Maren got to visit my cousin Emily and meet Lucy.  I'm not sure who had more fun with this visit, Lucy or Maren.
Maren is flying over the middle of the United States as I type...on her way home.
I'm glad this visit worked out.  I wish I could have been there too!  Some day I do need to make it out to Boston.  But I really want to visit in the summer so I can catch a Red Sox game.  The kids will be happy to have Maren home...I mean, how many days in a row can we live on just pop and pizza while wearing the same clothes?  If you ask the kids, everyday!  Just joking, we made it just fine even though I have been under the weather.  Preston and I even had dentist visits today and I'm happy to say that we both passed with zero cavities! 
Yesterday after church John and Carol took us, Jack, Avery, and Mel out to lunch at I-hop.  So we had one meal that wasn't pizza:)  Here Avery, Lillie, and Hansen are showing off their straw paper mustaches.  This visit was yum and fun.

See you tomorrow.

Sunday, February 17, 2013


Good morning, it is Sunday,

The kids and I will have the next week of school off for mid winter break!  Yay, and whatever at the same time.  We are not traveling to a warmer place, so we will just be cooped up with each other for the next week.  Woohoo!  What this really means is that I will be asked every single day to take the kids somewhere I wouldn't want to go for the sole purpose of spending money.  Like the outlet mall.  The kids need shoes, in fact Hansen needs three pairs!  And Lillie needs at least two pairs!  That is right, they both have this amazing thing going on where there feet just won't stop growing, and they both plan on running track for their schools in the spring.

Enough of my whining, guess where Maren is?  That's right, in Boston!  She is there for the Science Book and Film awards.  She is on the committee that recognizes youth science books.  She has all these plans (other than all the commitments of her committee) like seeing my cousin Emily and hanging out with one of her good friends who just moved away from here to there...but of course, it is snowing like crazy or something and it may end up being a few days cooped up in a hotel room?

Preston is in Portland playing soccer for his new soccer team.  They had two games yesterday, one win and one loss.  They have another game today to see if they play on Monday.  He is a bit sick too, but I do know he scored one very cool goal!

I just realized that I missed Valentine's Day on my blog!  Instead of really focusing on my blog, I am texting Maren about the Blizzard in Boston.  Hope you all had a great Valentine's Day!  Here are a few pics:
 Lillie with a blue airhead taffy tongue!
 I don't know how this picture of Ranger appeared on my phone.  I do know Lillie was using it for just like 30 seconds yesterday...and giggling...hmm.
And a red velvet valentines day cake from Costco!  There is some left that the kids have not forgotten about just yet!

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

A Chocolate Calculator!

Good evening, it is Tuesday.

This week is conference week for the local elementary schools.  That means early release.  Which really means that Lillie gets out of school early, then comes to my school to hang out for an hour before we head home.  Yes, she also has a conference with her teacher...and it is the book fair!

I will begin by letting you know that all three kids got beautiful report cards!  And Lillie had very good parent/teacher conference today.  If she is struggling at anything, she is already addressing and fixing the problem.  The girl is a good student to be sure.
 This is the book Lillie chose at the book fair, along with a calculator she just had to have and a couple of highlighters!
I took a picture of her new shoes (that she got from Auntie Stef) and her funky matching socks.  Kind of matching.  As good as it gets!

I also have some pictures that don't necessarily warrant their own blog, but they are fun, so here you go:
 ACK!  My van hit 60,000 miles while taking Lillie to Drama Class the other day.
 Everyone in Kindergarten had to make a self portrait today, but it had to be in this gingerbread looking guy outline.  I think mine looks awesome!  Of course, when I see this picture I automatically think of The Claw in Toy Story.
 Lillie made me a pretend fortune cookie the other day.  Best fortune ever!
And soccer tryouts under the lights.  That's right, the season (year long outdoor soccer) has only been over for a week and Preston is already trying out for a new team.  This time I think he will play on a team that practices closer to home, has a day fewer practices per week, and has more of his school friends on it.  This team may be just a smidgen less competitive than his last team, but for the trade offs, I say it's all good!  Will fill you in once it is all said and done.

See you tomorrow.

Friday, February 08, 2013

Thanks For Being Awesome!

Good morning, it is Friday.

Yesterday was a day of days.  I got that line from a book I just read from an author named Don J. Snyder.  But it is not just a line.  Yesterday really was a day of days.  Preston was awarded Student of the Quarter at Kentlake High School and I was able to attend the award presentation.  Each section of the school nominated a few students for this award, then the teachers that did the nominating wrote a paragraph about the student.  The principal then read the paragraphs to the students and the parents in attendance.  You can tell the principal loves his job, at least this part of it, and read each student's paragraph will feeling and even added more to some kids.  My favorite awards ceremony I've ever attended.  What a great group of kids!
 This is the small group of students being awarded student of the quarter for World Language.  Preston takes Spanish and does a great job!
 Proof!  His certificate!
And printed right on the back of the certificate was the brief summary for the principal to read.  Preston is awesome!

See you tomorrow!

Thursday, February 07, 2013

And Beyond!

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

Last night I took Preston to the high school and beyond night at Kentlake.  It was crazy crowded, to the point of needing police to guide folks to the back parking lot as the main lot was full.  Preston was a bit reluctant to go as he is just a sophomore, but we want him to be aware of the college landscape.
Preston saw many friend there, even some from other school districts   KSD did a good job with this event for sure.  Preston and I were even interviewed by the district's web tv prgram, who knows if we will be stars or not.  Maybe the best thing we did was go to the Boeing booth and ask them what a kid who wants to be a math major should focus on to land an awesome job.  I don't think Preston had ever heard of hydraulic engineering and flow dynamics.  It was worth it right there.
 Some of the big colleges (like the U of W) had long lines while others we just walked up.  I'm not sure why colleges don't pay more attention to the folks running these booths, these first impressions are very important.  The fellow from PLU was great, he talked to Preston at his level, about school and soccer.  PLU is now number one on Preston's list of colleges.
 This goofy picture is of Hansen and Maren playing a flexibility game at the Bodyworks workshop.  Trading the juice box from one hand to the other.  That's right, if Hansen and Maren were paired up, that means I was paired up with Lillie.  When I was time to pass the juice box over the head and under the legs, I could easily knock Lillie over with a bump from my bum.  Fun times!  I can still hear Lillie giggling as I type.

See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Swing your Swing.

Good morning, it is Tuesday.

What did you think of the Superbowl?  The commercials?  The hoopla?  If there was ever a Superbowl that I thought both teams should loose, this was it.  Not really, I was rooting for the 49ers all the way.  I really like Colin Kaepernick, and I really don't like Ray Lewis.  And I've always liked the 49ers since the Joe Montana days.  On to commercials.  One of my favorites was the Joe Montana stain add where the wife washed it out with Tide, and was a Raven's fan.  And the kissing Go Daddy add...gross!  I heard yesterday that Go Daddy actually lost members because of that add.  Some of my friends really liked the Ram commercial about farmers the most, or even the Clydesdale remembering it's trainer.  So there you go, sentimental won over gross.  I did learn not to get tons of Doritos if I have a goat!  And yes, I thought the halftime show with Beyonce was very good.

Even more fun for me was the Waste Management Phoenix Open! Maybe my most enjoyable tournament to watch ever.  If given passes to sit in the grandstand on hole 16, or go to the Masters, I think I would choose hole 16 at Phoenix.  Yes, I have played the course and that makes it more fun to watch too.  This year was even more cool because one of my old Kentridge fellow golf teammates played in the tournament:
Glen Griffith joined the PGA about the same time as I did.  I'd say Glen was always a better golfer than I was, but there were a couple of stand outs on our team that were amazing back in the day.  We were on a very impressive golf team in high school where teammates went to play at very prestigious colleges, but Glen has really persevered and his talent has really shone through these last several years.  While he didn't make the cut, he did stuff his tee shot to a foot on hole 16 on round two, made his birdie, and got the crowd of 10,000+ going.  When talking about commercials, I actually saw my favorite commercial of the day watching golf!  There was a new Dick's Sporting goods ad where folks of all levels were hitting shots and Arnold Palmer was narrating, "swing your swing".  It is my favorite, I looked for it on youtube, but it is not findable for me just yet.

See you tomorrow.