Monday, January 07, 2013

What's in that trophy?

Good morning, it is Monday.

This weekend was one of two different stories.  My side of the weekend consisted of lots of sports.  Preston had a soccer tournament and an indoor soccer game.  He also played in the band at his high school's basketball game.  And you can't forget the Seattle Seahawks.  Hansen spent the weekend doing homework.  Maren and Lillie kind of just hung out, not a bad weekend at all.
 Whenever I load more than a couple pictures at one time I always wonder what order they will appear in.  Sure, there are folks that may know that stuff, but I like surprises.  This picture is from the first high school basketball game I've attended since I was in high school.  KL and KW.  KW won easily, but it was fun to be there.  Preston played in the band so I decided to stay and watch rather than just drop him off.  Some of Preston's friends are pretty good basketball players to be sure.   
 But soccer ruled the weekend.  And good soccer it was.  Preston's team won the Winter Classic tournament.  Over the weekend Preston played great and really helped his team win.  His indoor team also won easily.  Here Preston and his friend Brian goof off with the trophy.  I also had fun tweeting Preston's final game.  I usually just text Maren the results, but I like this twitter thing.  I will probably tweet his game regularly as 1.  Maren usually doesn't go near her phone when at home, but she always has her twitter.  And 2.  Others (like Stef did this weekend) followed the games in real time.  If you ever want to follow my twitter, I am @JulianNMI
 This is a fun picture of the team with their trophy.  You have to zoom in on Preston in on the top right.  Thumbs up!  Yup, just another cheesy picture when your team plays well.  It looks kind of empty behind this picture, but behind the camera was a mob.  Teams were getting their medals and the tournament was in full swing.  Of course, the Seattle Seahawks were beating the Washington Redskins at the same time.  We got to watch Preston's team then made it home in time to watch the 4th quarter of the Seahawks.  Perfect!
And lastly, a sad picture of my pick-up truck.  A neighbor backed into the driver's door by accident.  It will get fixed over time, but I'm thinking we will leave insurance out of the mix.  The hunt for a new door at junk yards may have already started.

See you tomorrow.


Susanna Powers said...

Hi Julian, sorry about your truck. I would be very quickly turning up at the State Farm office. have a good day, love, sp

Julian Slane said...

Yeah Susanna, bringing it in would probably be the smart thing. But the neighbors are nice folk, and it would be the second claim for this high schooler which could hurt thier rates. I'm thinking it will be done just fine... hopefully it won't take too long.

Anonymous said...

Tsk on your poor truck!

Amber said...

I followed the game on twitter!