Monday, January 21, 2013

Martin Luther King Jr. Day.

Good morning, it is Monday.

Today our family has the day off from our regular jobs thanks to Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  Today is also President Obama's second inauguration day.  I don't know how many times the inauguration takes place on MLK jr. day, but I think in this case, with this president, it is very cool.

I attended the MLK jr. assembly at Lillie's school.  Her drama club did a skit where Lillie and the crew did a great job.  I'm sure the boy's schools had assemblies too, as did my school.
Lillie is in the top left of this picture of the drama club getting ready to present their MLK jr. skit.
The whole school celebrating.  Keeping MLK jr.'s dream alive!  GL has an amazing group of singers and students.
This picture was taken just this morning...of my TV.  President Obama's second second inauguration.  The whole country is celebrating!  Well, a bit more than half anyhow.  Good for our country!

We also shopped some great deals yesterday at Value Village thanks to their MLK jr. half off clothing sale.  Preston and I decided to add up what we thought the realistic retail prices (if purchased new) of our purchases would be.  For a few big bags of very good stuff, we spent $140.00.  Estimated retail price was a whopping $1200.00.  How's that for savings!

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Nice post on MLK Jr. Day and the inauguration. GREAT shopping!