Wednesday, January 02, 2013

It's 2013!

Good evening, it is Wednesday.

Tomorrow morning when we wake up Hansen will be enjoying his 13th birthday and Maren and I will be enjoying our 22nd anniversary!  And wake up we will, because as of tonight winter vacation is officially over.  Maren had to go back to work today, and the rest of us go back tomorrow.  But before tomorrow was today.  And before today was yesterday.  And yesterday was the first day of how did we ring in the new year?  At home, safe and sound.  For the most part.  If you call watching The Twilight Zone marathon safe and sound that is.
 As the new years got closer and closer (we won't mention anything about fiscal cliffs) we broke out the sparkling cider.
 How about some sparklers on a freezing night as the year changes over to 2013!

O.K.  We are not that boring.  Well, maybe we are.  However you see it, it's all good.  And now it is 2013!  And yes, I do like starting sentences with the word "and", so sue me, and find someone to sue me with.  Haha.  I also like ending sentences with, "with".  Enough fun.
On new years day I took Preston out for some golf in the cold weather.  And today I took Hansen and Lillie for a walk in the cold to AM/PM for nothing less than a Slurpee!  Yup, we had great winter vacation.

See you tomorrow.


carol said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JULIAN + MAREN ! 22 Years - that is awesome ! Congratulations. I watched the Twilight Zone marathon too. Love it.....yes I did watch the original at my grandfather's house on friday nights - he let me watch it even though he liked to watch the Friday night fights, boxing. I found a documentary on Rod Serling on youtube.

Danielle Steele starts tons of her sentences with 'And', + uses a great number of 'ands' in her sentences. If I wrote like she did in high school I would have flunked English, but she is laughing all the way to the bank. Hey it's working for Happy New Year....

Julian Slane said...

Thanks Carol!