Friday, January 04, 2013

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Day.

Good morning, it is Friday.

I'm so glad it is Friday.  Yesterday was the first day back to school after break and everyone was so tired!  And this morning everyone (at least the ones of us who are up early) are even more tired.

Last night we did manage to go out to dinner at Red Robin to celebrate 22 years of anniversaries and 13 years of birthdays.  As usual, the food was yum.  Afterwards it was home for homework, cake and soccer.
 Here Hansen is flying the smart phone app controlled remote control helicopter he got for a birthday gift.  It is very cool if I should say so myself.
 Hansen again, goofily enjoying his root beer float.
Lillie smelling a rose she plucked out of the vase of flowers Maren received for an anniversary gift.

Yesterday I posted this picture of Maren and Hansen on Facebook and mentioned it was our shared anniversary and birthday day.  It was fun to see the likes and comments.  Next up, Maren's and my  mom's birthday.  Hmm...I think Maren shares all of her special days with others.  I hope that just makes those days more special:)
Today is "wear blue" day for the Seahawks!  I do hope to watch the Seahawks play, but I'm thinking I may just be following them on twitter as Preston has a soccer tournament this weekend.

See you tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Hansen and a very happy anniversary to you and Maren!!!